Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My mama always said ...

... "Don't forget to put a hat on your head."

Well, look mom (and all the other mommies out there, too; Grandma Terry, that includes you), I've taken that advice by putting one on little lady today.

In the first picture, you'd think she was ready for winter, but I can assure you it is still fall. There was a chill in the air on the way to the bus stop, so I grabbed the first one available: a knit hat my mom made.

My mother also knit her a yellow hat and booties to match the same color blanket she made according to my request. I'm sure you'll see them eventually in a future post.

Jacob, on the other hand, is hat-free, but he had his hoodie up earlier. He also has more hair to protect is mop-top, which reminds me; I need to give him a haircut.

He's taken a lot of pride in showing off his new baby sister. Just look at my big boy pushing her in the stroller. I'm proud of him, too :-)

By the way, it is my parents' wedding anniversary today.
Happy anniversary, mom and dad!