Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My mommy loves me, too

I've learned almost everything I know about being a mom from my own mother, so I'm so lucky to have had a good role model. Not only was she always there for me as a child, but she continues to fulfill her maternal duties whenever I need her most.

For instance, she was there for the birth of both my children, although this time, she had to step out at the last minute due to the three person limit on guests in the delivery room. She unselfishly gave up her usual spot (she's been there for all the other grandchildren), so my sister (who allowed me to see the birth of her second son) and Jacob could witness Hayden's arrival, along with my husband (of course he was going to be there).

Yesterday, my mom took Hayden (who is happily modeling my old baby poncho and mittens my mom passed on to me as a shower gift) and I to her weight check (don't worry; she's gaining very well. Raw food does wonders for milk production). Then, we visited her mom, who couldn't wait to meet her 10th great-grandchild.

On the way home, we stopped at the grocery store to load up on produce and other various items like nuts, flax, etc. She was really a big help taking care of little woman, while I loaded up my cart.

I love how our nearby grocery store has been selling local produce this summer, which aids in one-stop shopping. I haven't been hitting up the stands as much as usual, so I've been very grateful for this.

Also my mom has been nice enough to send home fruits and veggies from her garden throughout the season (Paw Paw has added to the bounty with tomatoes grown by him and Jacob on his deck), as well as peaches from my favorite stand. She used some of these peaches on Sunday to make a cobbler, something I replicated today, minus the baking part.

I posted a plum crisp on my blog not too long ago, but this is a cobbler. In my opinion, a crisp is more of a brown sugary oat cluster crumble, while a cobbler has a paler biscuit-style topping. With that in mind, I opted to use macadamia nuts and cashews, along with some oats, agave, pie spice and vanilla to make this cobbler visually similar to its baked version. It tasted a lot like it, too.

Thanks mom for the peaches, inspiration and all that you do :-)