Thursday, November 5, 2009

Breaking the mold

Another one of my favorite posts from last month's Vegan Mofo was this one from Vessels and Wares. Just look at the cute mug and key chains this blogger made. Can you believe she was giving them away? (and I won a key chain, too. Yay for me!)

The post inspired me to mold some materials of my own, but instead of using clay, I formed my mug out of raw nut butter (the more solid stuff at the bottom of my cashew and almond butter jars). As promised, I also kept with the raw foodie theme, keeping the whole thing together with a cupcake.

Thank goodness I had something solid in the inside as support, since the nut butter was less than stable. It had to be chilled periodically throughout the molding process to preserve its shape.

Obviously, a nut butter handle was out of the question, and unfortunately, I was out of raw chocolate pretzels from this previous post. So, what was this girl to do?

I took a cue from my puppy post, attaching an apple slice in its place. This made the mug almost too cute to eat. But, just like the puppy, it would eventually meet the same fate.

And, what kind of raw cupcake was hidden beneath this creamy whipped topping (as in this raw whipped cream) within this edible mug? There is a hint sprinkled on top, as well as the garnish.

Inside the mug is a raw cinnamon roll, which I shaped to look like a cupcake using a reusable silicone mold (I did remove the mold prior to covering the "cake" in nut butter "clay"). I unveiled it for you below :-)


thursday, november 5, 2009, continued ...

I'm a winner x 2!

In the above post, I mentioned winning one of these cute key chains, but I later found out that I also won a pair of lovely earrings, as a symbol of my love story with my hubby (thanks again!).

To enter the contest, I had to share our story again (I already told a snippet of it in my We Like It Raw Pop Tart post, which explains my photo selection), as a comment on Isle Dance's site. I thought about snagging a pic to post here, so you could see my prize. However, I'd rather encourage you to visit her site to view all of her amazing photography. Which pair do you think I won?