Sunday, January 17, 2010

Last Sunday's breakfast & sundae

These days, I've been camera happy, taking pics of almost everything in sight (I guess that's what happens when you get a new camera for Christmas). I'm also full of so many thoughts, I just can't get them posted fast enough.

Swimming in a sea of photos and ideas, I'm treading water, finding time to blog about all these things. As a result, my timing is sometimes a little off.

Take for example today's post. The title says it all: "Last Sunday's breakfast & sundae," rather than this Sunday. Oh well, it still tasted good, and therefore, it was worth sharing.

I know I resolved to replace some of my usual fruit-based meals with veggies this year, but due to Hayden's digestive issues (things slow down for her, if you know what I mean, when I decrease my fresh fruit consumption), I've gotta do this gradually. Lucky for you (and me, too), that gives me a reason to share something sweet.

For instance, last Sunday I made my usual chocolate pudding, swapping a few ingredients to end up with this lemony version instead (I'm also trying not to eat/drink as much chocolate, as I am a little addicted to the stuff). It contains banana, pear, avocado, cashews, lemon and vanilla (I like the combination of the two flavors), and is topped with some crumbled walnut pieces for added texture.

Later in the day, I decided to have the immunity-boosting Mango Lime Hot Pepper Smoothie from "The Thrive Diet" book, but in another fashion; make that "in the fashion," as in "a la mode." This usually refers to ice cream, although I prefer a banana-based raw vegan n'ice cream. If you eliminate the H2O in this recipe, it can be whipped up in the food processor and eaten with a spoon (so much yummier and fun to eat). I also found it sweet enough to make it without the agave, and it looks even sweeter, especially when served as a sundae. Now that was worth the wait :-)