Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hayden's day in her own words ... sort of

Hayden and I have been out and about a bit more lately, including having an excursion with my two friends I've known for years (since elementary and middle school) and a little man, too (one of them has a 4-month-old son). I'd tell you about it from my perspective, but it's so much cuter from hers. Take it away Hayden:

On Friday, mommy packed me up early to go on a trip. I always get so excited when she puts me in my car seat. Where are we going today, mommy?

When we arrived at our destination, I was greeted by two nice ladies and a handsome young man about my size. I tried to talk to him, but he didn't say much back. I just swatted at him after that.

Back in the car seats we went, seated side-by-side in an unfamiliar vehicle. Mommy sat in the back with us. She took our picture together.

Our next stop was a place called Ruby Tuesday's. I think my mommy referred to it as a restaurant. I got to sit in a booth and check out all the yummy food (and our server, too. I watched him everywhere he went and got my picture taken with him, too; mommy would have posted it, but she forgot to ask for his permission to put his photo on the Internet).

Mommy said she liked this place for the extensive salad bar offerings and the avocado she requested as a side item. I enjoyed the avocado, as well. This is good stuff.

After some relaxing conversation (I tried my best to get involved, too) and tasty eats, we got back in the car to go to MOM's (not my mom, but an organic grocery store). You wouldn't believe the selection of raw cuisine and ingredients. Best of all, I think they only carry organic, which mommy thinks is best for me. Check out some of scenery:

There was a whole shelf of just raw products.

Yummy raw falafels and live lasagna. Can't wait
until I'm old enough to try those.

Those burritos and taco dip look perfect for that Cinco De Mayo thing my mommy was talking about. I heard her friend say she likes the burritos.

Dessert! My mommy loves that stuff. She has a bit of a sweet tooth. No wonder she sometimes calls me her little cupcake :-)

Speaking of dessert, look what else we found.

Move a little to the left. What's that I see?

Mommy brought it down to my level. Look Heathy, it's Blue Mountain raw ice cream :-)
(Mommy let me watch your review)

So what did mommy pick up for dinner and dessert (she likes to have it made for her sometimes; that means she has more time for me)?

Mmmm ... falafel and n'ice cream. I can't have it in this form yet (although I do get basic nut-free banilla n'ice cream), but I like it indirectly (mommy still gives me breastmilk). Even better is what I got to eat for solids (I'm a big girl now).

Since today is my post, I wanted to share a favorite recipe, too. Here's what I love to eat:

Hayden's Favorite Treat
1/2 banana
1/4 organic golden delicious apple, peeled
1/8 avocado
sprinkling of spirulina

Have mommy put the first three ingredients in her Magic Bullet blender and puree into a creamy pudding (make sure the apple is fully incorporated, so I don't choke). Sprinkle with some spirulina and serve. Yummy for my tummy!

Okay, now I'm done with this paparazzi stuff.
Get out of my face mom ...

... I mean it!

Anyway, enjoy my new favorite song clip (okay, I like this one, too ... although he says some bad words before he starts to sing; mommy covers my ears for that part) from my dream man. I know he's no good for me, but I just love John Mayer. Too bad he's into the older ladies.