Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Blue Frozen Elsa Smoothie

You read that right; this smoothie is blue. My daughter Hayden was excited that Elsa from "Frozen" liked one of our smoothies on Instagram, so we just had to make an icy blue smoothie in her honor. Here's how we did it.

Do you remember those kitchen science experiments you did as a child? Maybe you experimented with pH, using red cabbage juice.

All you have to do is boil red cabbage until it releases this dark purple juice (obviously, you need to strain out the cabbage chunks).

If you add a small amount of baking soda (you only need a pinch or two), the purple juice turns blue (don't overdo it or it will taste like baking soda).

We blended the homemade blue dye with frozen honeydew melon and almond milk (you need to be careful what you add to the dye, as it can alter the pH, turning it back to purple). We tested the melon and almond milk with a small amount of the dye to make sure it would stay blue. It did, until blended, so we stirred in a tiny bit more baking soda (it doesn't take much), which made it blue again.

The finished smoothie was garnished with a honeydew melon star. Hayden is still bouncing off the walls because Elsa liked this smoothie, too, as well as a pic of her dressed as Elsa.

I posted our smoothie on Instagram for Day 17 of Charissa's #ColourfulSmoothie #Challenge. Are you participating in her challenge? Have you made natural blue food coloring? Let me know on Twitter at @Rawdorable or on Instagram (also at @Rawdorable)