Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Have you had a muffin batter smoothie yet?

What? You don't know what a muffin batter smoothie is? Those who follow me on Instagram (I'm @Rawdorable) do, and now I'll introduce them to you, too, starting with yesterday's Chocolate Chocolate Chip Muffin Batter Smoothie. My hubby and son are big fans of the baked version, but since it's crazy hot out (yes, it's still 90-plus and humid), I think the ice cold smoothie version is a better alternative.

This muffin batter smoothie is dairy-free, gluten-free and has an added dose of vegan protein and superfoods. It's like blending your favorite baked good crumbs into your smoothie, but without the baked part. Just simply blend frozen banana, almond milk, almond flour (that's what makes it more like a batter), Jem Organics Cinnamon Red Maca Sprouted Almond Butter (so good; it amps up the flavor and also sweetens it with coconut sugar), vanilla and Philosophie Cacao Magic Vegan Protein & Superfood Powder. Then, pulse in some dairy-free chocolate chips and top the whole thing off with more almond flour, Cacao Magic powder and chocolate chips. It's chocolate heaven.

I've been posting these muffin batter smoothies as part of Charissa's #ColourfulSmoothie #Challenge (I hope some of you have been participating, too; check out my post from last week with some of my other smoothies).

My Blueberry Muffin Batter Smoothie started the trend and the base for these scrumptious treats (these really are a treat; I think I'm moving further away from smoothie and more toward shake territory). It has frozen banana, almond milk, almond flour (gotta have that texture), Jem Organics Cinnamon Red Maca Sprouted Almond Butter (it provides that sugar and spice that makes baked goods nice), vanilla and Philosophie Berry Bliss Vegan Protein & Superfood Powder. I stirred it frozen blueberries to make it a blueberry batter, and added a larger straw to accommodate the berries.

The following day, I made a Strawberry Rose Petal Muffin Batter Smoothie, because I heard it was Red Rose Day. It has frozen banana, almond milk, almond flour (can't skip this ingredient), Jem Organics Cinnamon Red Maca Sprouted Almond Butter (yum!), vanilla and Philosophie Berry Bliss Vegan Protein & Superfood Powder. I added a touch of rose water to make it extra special. I stirred in some broken-up freeze-dried strawberries and chocolate chips, which also required a larger straw. I garnished it with a strawberry rose. So pretty :)

A couple days ago, I made a Cranberry Orange Mango Muffin Batter Smoothie out of frozen banana, frozen mango, almond milk, almond flour (you get the idea), Jem Organics Cinnamon Red Maca Sprouted Almond Butter, vanilla and Philosophie Berry Bliss Vegan Protein & Superfood Powder. This time I chopped up a Cranberry Orange Pure Bar into tiny pieces (small enough to fit through a large straw) and stirred them throughout the smoothie. So good!

Have you tried one of my muffin batter smoothies yet? Let me know on Twitter at @Rawdorable or on Instagram (also @Rawdorable).


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Happy birthday 100 Percent Pure :)