Thursday, September 8, 2011

Paint an edible rainbow

It's been raining for days here (and our air conditioning is broken, too; at least it's given me a chance to get in on that hot yoga trend), but Hayden and I won't let it get us down. We painted our own rainbow out of natural colors that are good enough (and safe enough) to eat.

When chatting with other moms in Hayden's story time group, I discovered that a popular substitute for finger paints is pudding. Rather than popping open some Snack Packs, we opted to go the dairy-free raw route by making fruit puddings with vibrant hues found in nature.

For red/pink, we combined pureed strawberries with finely ground chia seeds, which thicken the puree much like a pudding. Then, we made purple out of blueberries (yes, "blue" berries make "purple" when pureed), yellow from pureed mangoes and green from kiwi. Yummy!

Hayden and I videotaped our painting project for you, complete with a silly song we made up (I'm always making up songs for the kids; please excuse the bad singing voice I tend to use when singing just to them). I think Hayden preferred her Yo Gabba Gabba "mixing up colors" song, but she humored me, as usual.

Painting a rainbow, made me think of that pot of gold or happy surprise at the end. Despite the yucky weather, I was lucky enough to win a signed copy of Kimberly Snyder's "The Beauty Detox Solution" from her and Vitamix (I won it just for tweeting a question to her while on her video shoot for the awesome high-speed blender company. Thanks!).

I love that book so much that I have been hesitant to lend my original copy out to my sister for fear I'd never see it again (she borrowed my Tracy Anderson's "30 Day Method" for more than a month, which seemed like forever at the time). Now that I have a personally signed copy, I'll just let her have my first copy of "The Beauty Detox Solution" Matthew got me a while back. I'm sure she'll be a fan, as well.

I also won an amazing designer bag from Collina Strada/Kaight Shop NYC via the Girlie Girl Army website (probably my favorite website at the moment). Can't wait until it arrives, so I can show it to you. Now that's a fashionable mommy bag. Thank you, too!

Lastly, I've been thinking about switching up my skincare routine, just to try what else is out there. I still like Pangea Organics, but I want to change things up a bit.

So, I wrote to 100% Pure to see if I could sample and review some of their products on my site. I already knew I loved their makeup; it just seemed natural that my skin would react well with their skincare, too.

To my surprise, they sent me full sizes of four of the products and some small packets of lotion, too. Check out my video to see my initial reaction last night when I tried them. In about a week or so, I'll post a full review (a week always seems like a good trial run for a skincare product).

Anyway, hope you are finding ways to brighten your day, as well (it seems like there is rain everywhere lately). Have fun painting your own rainbow :-)

Question: What are you doing to brighten your day?