Monday, November 28, 2011

"Come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly away ..."

... I just couldn't resist singing/typing those lyrics while putting together today's post. I just love how that song plays in the previews for the show, "Pan Am." Makes me think about my online friend, Robyn Law of Girl on Raw, who would blog about her 9-year career as a flight attendant. I always thought it sounded like fun (looks like her and her coworker are having a blast in this pic above that I snagged from her site), and therefore, thoroughly enjoyed reading about her experience.

Robyn definitely knows a thing or two about eating raw while traveling (doesn't she look simply glowing in this pic? Yes, this one is from her site, as well), which is why I decided to highlight her new e-book on my site. "Travelling in the Raw" gives tons of pointers on how to stay raw (or at least vegan and somewhat raw) while on the road or in the sky (well, you get the idea) from someone who's been extremely successful at it, no matter where her job would take her.

And, while you're traveling for the holidays (or any other day), her e-book can help you maintain your healthy eating habits, too. I know I've gotten some tips from her site, when taking my own vacations.

Here's what you can expect inside this e-book: ideas on what equipment/food to pack and make ahead; how to research what food options will be available when you get there, whether it be shopping, restaurants, etc. or even raw potlucks; where to connect with other raw foodies; tips and tricks; and even a bunch of raw recipes.

You have no idea how impressed I was when I opened the e-book file she sent me. I knew it would be packed with incredibly useful information, but I was amazed by the professional, easy-to-navigate, well-thought-out layout and extensive list of well-known raw food chefs who contributed recipes in the back of the e-book.

These contributors include Ames of Love & Peace Lovingly Crafted Living Food, Jennifer M. Robertson of de-hydrated Modern Living Cuisine, Kristen Suzanne of Kristen's Raw, Russell James of The Raw Chef, Simone Samuels of The Raw Warung, detox and wellness coach Casey Lorraine (I want to make her cheesy carrot sauce, asap), Nicole Van Hattem from the Art of Abundant Living, Hannah of Wayfaring Chocolate, Raw Chef Jane Karuschkat and
Amber Shea of Almost Vegan Chef.

You may remember Amber Shea as being an alumni of Matthew Kenney's Culinary Academy (formerly 105 degrees) who won Living Light's 2011 Hot Raw Chef Valentine recipe video contest. Both Robyn and I entered the Hot Raw Chef 5-in-5 contest this summer, although she had an advantage over me by also having raw chef skills acquired at Matthew Kenney Academy, as well as this handsome little man in her video. If you missed it the first time, I posted her video below:

You can find a similar recipe for her Spicy Almond Noodles in "Travelling in the Raw." If you are interesting in purchasing your own copy, click here.

Robyn was also kind enough to offer one for me to give away on my site (she's such a sweetheart). To enter the *GIVEAWAY*, leave a comment below answering the question, "Who's singing "Come Fly With Me" in the YouTube clip I linked to at the top of this post?" For an extra entry, tweet about this giveaway mentioning
@Rawdorable and @GirlOnRaw in your tweet, and let me know that you tweeted about the contest in another comment.

Hayden and I will randomly select a winner on Wednesday, Nov. 30 and provide Robyn with the winner's e-mail address, so she can directly send out the e-book. Good luck to everyone :-)

*This giveaway is now closed and a winner has been selected in this post.