Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Munching, crunching & online shopping

Oh yum! Thank goodness I'm typing now, instead of still videotaping, as I can continue to munch on a Raw Crunch bar and tell you about where I like to shop online (sorry for both the crazy long sentence and for talking with my mouth full in our video; so rude, I know).

I must say, these bars will come in handy when I head out shopping on Black Friday with my mom, sister and Hayden, who might come along, too. They're also great for snacking when you're making your purchases online (they are so good; I'm not just reserving these for when I'm out and about).

In fact, you can buy these Raw Crunch bars online (
click on the video to see our thoughts on the bars and get a sneak peek of how they look without the wrappers on. Heads up to any vegans out there; these do contain raw honey, and I explain my thoughts on that in the video), as we were lucky enough to have them sent to us for review from OpenSky (thank you!). The online shopping site (which you may recall me blogging about in the past) currently has them for sale to its Alissa Cohen followers.

If you aren't already a member of OpenSky, you're probably wondering what I mean by followers. Well, if you sign up for free, you'll be able to follow as many curators as you'd like. Basically, by following, you'll receive an e-mail whenever one of your curators is having a featured sale (when one of the products on their page is available at a special discount). These usually last for a day or two, so you'll want to be in the know. You also cannot see the prices of these items unless you follow them.

Speaking of not being able to see the prices, as far as I can tell, you can't view the full site either without signing up first (it's like a gated community or something). That's why I thought it would be of interest, if I shared more information about it with you. Some of my readers have been curious as to how it really works. Hopefully, my post today will help clear up some of the confusion.


Signing up is free, and when you invite others to sign up, you can earn credits toward your purchases. If your friends buy something, then you receive more credits. There are even opportunities to spend what I call "flash credits" that are available for a very short, specified period of time, as a special offer, thank you, etc.

These credits are like free money to spend on your favorite/your curator's favorite things (I think of them as my personal shoppers, since they fill their pages with items they like, with you in mind, too; you can even post your recommendations for them to sell on their pages). Therefore, even when an item is listed at its regular price, you may still be able to purchase it for less money out of your own pocket.

As a stay-at-home mom, I think of this site as a little luxury in my life. I can purchase some yummy raw snacks, find items for the kids such as a set of natural art supplies, and treat myself to various fashions and accessories. I just happen to have my eye on an amazing purse made out of soda pop tops on the EcoStiletto page, and have my fingers crossed that a hot pair of Cri de Coeur vegan knee-high boots reappear on Kathy Freston a.k.a. "The Veganist's" page.

My latest purchase is a set of raw Gnosis Chocolates featured as a deal from "Spirit Junkie" Gabrielle Bernstein (she has some of the best stuff, in my opinion). I got three of the bars (the Superchoc, Aphrodisia and Pomegranate Acai), along with some Pumpkin Truffles, perfect for fall. I hope to share them with those I love over the holidays (although Matthew would like me to keep the Aphrodisia ones just for us). Delish!

I also have been using Carol Alt's Raw Essentials skincare line, that I also purchased from OpenSky. You can read more about it in this past post. This trio of products is currently marked down to a special price, so don't miss out.

I could go on and on, but I'll leave you with some of my favorite items currently on the site (I did not snap these photos; they are taken from the OpenSky website). Keep in mind that the items on there change all the time. Feel free to join via my invitation (you may even receive some credits just for joining, if you time it right) and check them out for yourself.

Ramy Walleska Ecochicc New York Clutch
on EcoStiletto's page; this is the one
made out of soda pop tops

Saky Sack Weekend Bag on EcoStiletto's page;
I believe there's a sale planned for it this weekend :-)

"The Kind Diet" autographed (membership
does have its privileges) by Alicia Silverstone
herself on her page, of course

Hapi Striped Sweatshirt & Yoga Pants
on Alicia Silverstone's page
(although the pant may be sold out)

Cri de Coeur Bird Boots on Kathy Freston's page,
but I really want the ones with the buckles
that are currently sold out

Zoku Quick Pop Maker
on Ali Fedotwosky's page; this would be great
for making homemade raw vegan ice-pops

Clementine Art Gift Set
on Carolyn Murphy's page

Stingray Claw Jewelry by Lauren Wolf
on Carolyn Murphy's page

Fitness Travel Hoop Kit & DVD
on Gabrielle Bernstein's page

Peace Love World I am Love Racerback
on Gabrielle Bernstein's page

Smoothie Shaker & "Thrive Foods" book
autographed by Brendan Brazier on his page

There are so many other items I'd love to show and curators I'd want to highlight, but you get the idea. Have fun shopping. Happy holidays!