Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hayden's thoughts on Dr. Robin for Kids

As you know, I occasionally do reviews on this site, mostly because I like something rather than by request. Even when asked, I still try to only post positive reviews; if I'm not pleased with the product, than I won't post about it.

Recently, I've been posting what's in my Eco Emi boxes just to share my excitement. The Q&A with Christine, the founder of Eco Emi, was also my idea and I didn't expect to receive anything as compensation (although she did send me some of my favorite full-size products from the boxes as a thank you after the fact. Thanks Christine! I'll mention more about these products in the future).

To my surprise, Christine has been pleased with our postings, and especially gets a kick out of watching little Hayden join in the fun. She asked my little lady to review these Dr. Robin for Kids products after finding out how happy Hayden was with the line's sunscreen sample in our February Eco Emi box.

I had a feeling Hayden would be interested in the review, and since we (Hayden and I) already knew the products were cruelty-free and Christine-approved (she's very picky about what products she includes in her Eco Emi boxes), we agreed.

Below is Hayden's thoughts on the products.


After fighting over lip stuff with my mommy during our videos (I totally wanted to claim the tinted one in this video), I finally got sent something just for me. I knew right away by the birdie on the bottle.

Mommy let me use it in the bathtub. She said the bottle was a bath wash and shampoo that she let me wash my body with, while she bubbled up my hair (I looked so cute, don't you think?). She kept going on and on about how it was clear and obviously free of dyes and stuff. I liked how it foamed and its smell (if I really sniffed, I could smell it; mommy said it was lavender).

It rinsed off easily, and although I wouldn't stay still enough to keep it out of my face (I was swimming in there, of course), it didn't hurt my eyes.

When I got out of the tub (mommy had a hard time getting me to stop swimming, but it became difficult to paddle once she drained all the water out), I got my hair combed, as usual. I didn't have any knots.

After mommy dried me off with a warm fuzzy towel, she let me help put on some lotion, which also had that same little birdie on it again. It felt really nice; my skin ate it right up.

My mommy said it absorbs well and has cool ingredients like safflower oil, coconut oil, natural rice bran ceramides, organic quinoa (hey, sometimes we eat those little grains) and pomegranate extract (Mmmm ... I like pomegranate).

Too bad it's been cloudy outside (at story time today, the librarian said there was fog outside, as thick as pea soup, whatever that means). I can't wait for it to be sunny, so we can go to the beach and boardwalk. Then, I'll be able to try the sunscreen, too.

Mommy said it is as soft as the moisturizer and not too thick. But, she thinks it should stay on okay. Just "don't be shy ... re-apply!," as she quoted from the back of the box.

Okay mommy, you can take it from here, once I show them this pic of the back of my hair. I don't see any cotton candy there (that's what my mommy calls it when my hair gets all frizzy).


Excellent review Hayden. The two of us really enjoyed these products enough to do a video as well. Since it's not really appropriate to show a video of Hayden getting clean in the bathtub, we opted to give her doll a bath at the kitchen table instead.

I plan on purchasing more of these products in the future, especially the Body Wash & Shampoo. It's like it was made for Hayden's hair.

Thanks Dr. Robin and Christine for sending these products for us to review :-)