Monday, June 4, 2012

The noncommittal mermaid

As promised, today's post is another Eco Emi DIY, using the fun filler from my May Eco Emi box. I always like finding ways to utilize everything in the box (check out my January, February, March and April projects), so this month was no exception.

This one was definitely a challenge, as it contained a small amount of pink and blue tissue paper and these crinkled green shreds. Lucky for you, I came up with something quick and easy you can do with it.

I actually saved the tissue paper for some gifts I needed to wrap (see what I made for my sister at the bottom of this post), and then tackled the shreds, which reminded me of seaweed, probably due to the mermaid-like photo on this month's description card. The results were mermaid-inspired and totally commitment-free; if you don't want to keep this beach look, then you can easily remove it.

The first thing I made was a pair of embellished flip flops for when your inner Ariel (you know, the mermaid from the Disney movie) magically gets her land legs. All you need is a pair of basic flip flops (I love a skinny metallic strap on my flip flops for a more glam look), some of those green crinkled shreds (from your Eco Emi box), two tiny rubber bands (I've got a lot of these for doing Hayden's hair), two clip-on earring backs (I have a package of these from a past project, but I bet paperclips would also work) and some beach-themed charms (I used some old earrings).

Here's how to make them:

Grab a bunch of the crinkled green shreds, so that all of the pieces are parallel to each other and pinch the center like a bow.

Wrap a rubber band around the center of the bunch of shreds to hold them together, leaving a little slack for attaching it to the clip-on earring back (or paperclip).

Wrap the slack from the rubber band around the clip-on earring piece to attach the shreds to it.

Clip it onto the center of the flip flop strap, and fluff/trim to the desired length. At this point, it will look like a little seaweed pom pom.

Add your charms to complete the look. I used old earrings, simply slipping the hooks through the rubber band. If using charms, attach them to the rubber band with jump rings. Then, repeat with the other flip flop to match.

This is what they look like on. I apologize for posting a pic of my less-than-attractive foot.

I've actually been doing this trick for years. If you get tired of this look, then remove the clip. You can also embellish your basic flip flops (or flats or heels) with old clip-on earrings, like I did here (these earrings belonged to my grandmother).

After making the flip flops, I still had some more crinkled green shreds leftover, so I made something for Hayden, too. She loves to play dress up and was fond of the whole mermaid idea. Therefore, we added some of the paper "seaweed" to tiny hair clips, like green mermaid extensions. So pretty :-)

If you got Eco Emi's May box, what do you plan on doing with the packing filler?

Oh, and before I forget, this is what I made of my sister, Lori. It's a pair of earrings (yes, I'm a bit obsessed with that wire), designed especially for her. The birth flower for June is a rose and the birthstone is pearl, so that's how I came up with the idea (I even named them "June in Bloom").

I presented them in an Eco Emi bag from a past box, which I tied to another reusable bag, full of her other gifts and that pink tissue paper from this month's box (I know my sister will reuse it, too).

Lori seemed to be happy with her gift that I gave her last night. Her birthday isn't until Thursday, but I wanted to wish her a happy birthday early :-)