Sunday, November 4, 2007

It's about time

I've been planning on starting a blog for a long time, and finally, I've got one. Of course, I really haven't thought much about what I would write for a first post, but here it is anyway.

I guess this is just the generic introductory post, but hey, it is a start. I know, it's been done many times before; no wonder I had so much trouble coming up with a name that wasn't already taken.

So, let's just start with the name: "Rawdorable." Cute? More like cheesy, but somehow it suits me. I'm not drop dead gorgeous, but I'm somewhat attractive for a 31-year-old wife and mom. I also have a bubbly easy going personality. It's good to have a little bit of confidence.

As you can see from the title, I eat mostly raw food and avoid animal products. I start almost everyday with a green smoothie (don't knock it until you try it), and I can't get enough of fresh fruit. I just finished a very tasty green chocolate banana smoothie, my usual Sunday morning treat.

For anyone reading this who is not raw, please don't think this is some crazy unfamiliar way of eating. You probably eat this way more than you think. For instance, do you eat salad? Nibble off of raw veggie trays? Savor the fresh fruits of summer? Grab a banana on the go? (Gotta love that eco-friendly packaging) Or, even enjoy a raw salsa/guacamole or gazpacho? All these everyday foods are naturally raw, but there are so many more raw options available once you learn more about it.

Stay tuned and I'll give you more tastes of my raw and natural lifestyle.


BeautyRo said...

I find this post really inspiring and someway moving too. Especially the last paragraph about people going raw without knowing gives me the thrills (in a positive way, I mean). I am happy to post the first comment on your first post. :)

shannonmarie said...

Ha ha. I guess it took a little while for people to find me. I lucked out that Dhru from We Like It Raw (it no longer exists, though) found me pretty quickly. He made me part of his group. I got a lot of exposure that way. He's a sweetheart.

It is true that most people eat raw foods all the time and don't realize it. It's totally natural.

BeautyRo said...

As you know, I found you (or, better, you found me) on Instagram (have you figured it out that I am the same BeautyRo who comments your posts on Instagram? :D ) when you liked one of my first pics and I started to follow you, but still it does not matter: it's never too late to meet nice people!

shannonmarie said...

Of course I know it's you :)

BeautyRo said...

Ok, fine! Sometimes I am like "oh s/he won't ever realize it's me" because bloggers like you have so many comments that it gets difficult to remember! :D

shannonmarie said...

I'll admit that sometimes I have trouble remembering, but other times I know exactly who it is, especially if I interact with the person regularly.