Thursday, November 15, 2007

Keeping it simple

It's always easier to stay raw when you keep your dishes simple, like my raw soups and smoothies. But sometimes, a hectic schedule gets the best of us, causing one to grab for the most convenient food available. When times like this occur, don't reach for the nearest prepackaged processed snack. Instead, opt for fresh foods in their natural state.

After I pick my son up from preschool, I'm usually starving for lunch, while his appetite has been recently fed in the form of his school snack. All he asks for when we get home is an apple or some celery, and maybe some peanut butter (he is not being raised raw at the moment) until he gets hungry again.

I, on the other hand, am ready for a larger meal that takes no time to prepare. So, lately I've been cutting up some fresh fruit, piling it up on romaine leaves and chowing down on them until I've had my fill. The last few times, I've had pears, mango and grapes, but you could pick whatever fruit fits your fancy.

A lot of raw foodists eat very simply. Some are mono-eaters, who select one type of fruit or veggie, and eat until they no longer feel hungry, and the fruit or veggie no longer tastes as satisfying.

The addition of the romaine leaves is similar to eating a wrap sandwich or a hand-held salad. They are great for making raw tacos and almond butter banana wraps. You could also use collard greens, which can hold a lot more filling, but I'd advise using romaine leaves when you want a milder flavor.

Now, if you are still in too much of a hurry to wrap some greens around your fruits and/or veggies, grab a banana. Just peel and eat. It doesn't get simpler than that ... except maybe taking a bite out of a fresh juicy apple :-)

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