Friday, January 15, 2010

A nontraditional tradition

Growing up, we had certain nights designated for specific food types. For instance, I think we had tacos on Tuesdays, spaghetti Wednesdays, probably mac and cheese or something like that on Thursdays, and of course, pizza on Fridays.

From what I understand, my hubby's family did something similar, so it's no surprise that we have some meals already scheduled throughout our week. We've had spaghetti night, and it looks as though I took care of the tacos, too. Tonight continues the pizza tradition.

The boys (my hubby and son) stick to the standard baked in the oven pizza, while I tend to change things up a bit. Over the years, I've made my own cooked, unbaked in the dehydrator and completely raw versions. I even came up with this raw recipe (pictured to the above right) to introduce my hubby to the concept.

Speaking of the concept, that is pretty much the only thing that stays constant for me. I just try to create something with either the same Italian flavors or just a pile up of toppings on some kind of "crust."

One of my faves is Brendan Brazier's Sunflower Seed Beet Pizza. It is quick to assemble, packed with nutrition and can be prepared in several ways, based on how hungry I am and how raw I want to be. Usually, I am fairly high raw, but when I got pregnant with Hayden, I added in some more cooked.

Out of all of his pizzas (he "hesitate(s) to even call these pizzas. They bear little resemblance to traditional pizza, other than the way they are served."), this is the one I've been able to adjust to either bake at the low temp he recommends, unbake in my dehydrator or just eat completely uncooked off my assembly plate.

When I don't have sunflower seeds, I switch them up for other nuts or seeds, and sometimes I add in some flax and/or oats. I also play around with the seasonings and toppings depending on my mood.

What always stays the same are the beets in the base. Just look at its lovely hue. It may not be traditional, but I'm keeping it that way :-)


On another note, I was just curious of something. When I was on my shopping trip the other day, one of the store clerks was talking about the relationships between siblings. From her experience, she's found that those of the same sex get along better closer in age, while a brother and sister benefit more being further apart. What are your thoughts?

While you think about it, I'm going to show off another shot of my son and daughter. They are almost 7 years apart, and they are getting along great (most of the time).