Sunday, January 10, 2010

Body & soul bowl

In the new year, I resolved to clean up my diet a bit, although even on my worst days, it's not too shabby. Don't worry about the baby, as I have no intention of doing a cleanse (from what I understand, it's not a good idea while breastfeeding), but I do intend to make my meal plans more balanced.

My sweet tooth has a tendency to go heavy on the fruit, while my veggie intake suffers, as a result. I also use a bit too much agave, and indulge in more than my share of raw treats (oh how I am addicted to raw cupcakes; seriously, I can't get enough of them).

So far this year, I've been focusing on more veggie-based and savory dishes. Some you may see here, since I'm not just saving them for dinner (lunchtime lighting makes for much more flattering photography).

For example, as part of her Body & Soul Challenge, Martha Stewart showed her viewers how to make some basic steamed veggie bowls, adding only a touch of soy sauce and sesame oil for flavor. I've been doing something similar with a mix of colorful raw veggies, marinated in lemon juice, a hint of sesame oil and some Bragg's Liquid Aminos (sometimes I eliminate the Bragg's and just stick to the basic lemon and sesame). I serve mine over parsnip "rice" with a sprinkling of black sesame seeds.

To really enjoy my meal (I'm trying to slow down the eating process now that little lady gives me more time to consume my own food), I eat it with chopsticks, which is fun if you know how. I also toss in a handful of cashews when I do this, since I like the way they wrap around the tips of these tools.

Speaking of taking time to relax and be in the moment, Martha also did an entire show dedicated to yoga, which inspired me to get back into the practice. Since Hayden was born, I've managed to get a mini session in on most Sunday mornings, but now I hope to incorporate it into the rest of the week, as well.

My bloggin' buddy Averie is quite amazing, as she demonstrates a yoga pose at the end of almost all of her posts, and April (who has also been munching on some yummy veggies, too) makes me want to one day try her impressive balancing acts and aerial routines.

For now, I'll just be satisfied with whatever I can fit into my day. "Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift; that's why they call it the present." :-)