Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Green photography

What's good for the environment doesn't always make for good photos, as you can see (this pic actually looks a little green). Since my hubby and I opted to use energy saving bulbs in our home, nighttime snapshots often end up appearing like this (no wonder I rarely show my dinner creations).

My poor modified version of a Brendan Brazier (always "Thriving" in the new year) "burger" (I like to mix up the nuts, seeds and seasonings, and amp up the nutrition and flavor with some added veggies) appears far less appealing than my lunchtime lasagna salad, photographed in natural light.

After seeing my fellow raw food bloggers proudly showing off their lasagnas, I just had to have some for myself. I would've loved some Russell James lasagna (like the one on Raw Princess Studio), but didn't have any zucchini in the fridge.

How does one make raw lasagna without a lot of time (the Raw Chef's dish is time consuming, but well worth it; I've told him in the past that his raw lasagna is my favorite) or zucchini noodles?

When you have cucumbers (they look a little like zucchini), you make a salad stack in its place. This single serving is constructed from layers of cucumber "noodles," seasoned avocado puree mixed with chopped up baby spinach, thinly sliced tomatoes and broccoli sprouts (all typical salad ingredients I had on hand). I tied the whole flavor combination together with none other than a tomato basil salad dressing (the recipe is also from Brendan Brazier's book). This photo's green in a good way :-)