Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Apricot "gold coins" & other rainbow snacks

"Don't say it," Hayden said to me. "Don't say the word that starts with "L."

"What word?," I asked, having no clue what she meant.

Whispering softly, so only I could hear, she said the word, "leprechaun."

Apparently, all the kids at school were warning each other not to say the word, for fear of one coming after them. Hayden was extra concerned after eating her after-school snack of dried apricot "gold coins," which she believed came from his pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

To be on the safe side, she opted to leave out some dried apricot "gold coins" for the L-word to eat. Magically they were gone this morning. I wonder where they could have gone ;-)

Today would be perfect to continue the rainbow food theme, as it will be raining all day. Maybe we'll build a fruit "cake" out of sliced fruit and a banana-based chocolate frosting for our afternoon snack.

Or, perhaps we'll make an unbaked rainbow cupcake. Hayden had a blast looking back at this old post and video.

She's grown a lot since we used to finger paint rainbows with pureed fruit (blueberries for blue/purple, strawberries for red/pink, mango for yellow and kiwi for green), thickened with chia, but she'd probably still enjoy it ...

... especially if she gets to see a real rainbow :-)