Friday, March 6, 2015

100 Percent Pure facial cleanser & shower gel

It's been a week since my trek to the 100 Percent Pure store. In my last post, I shared my thoughts on the makeup I purchased, and promised to review the facial cleanser and shower gel today (I like to give skincare products at least a week of use to provide an accurate review).

I'll start by mentioning how much I adore this brand's skincare. I was lucky enough to have some products sent to me for review back in 2011, and I'm still recommending them to whoever will listen (or in this case, read my blog post). They really work on my sensitive skin.

To this day, I continue to rotate some of their products. Although I was originally sent their Organic Cucumber Juice Facial Cleansing Foam for sensitive skin, I've found that the naturally gentle ingredients used in the entire line don't seem to bother my skin at all.

Now, I will admit to occasionally using Josie Maran's skincare line, specifically the Argan Oil Cleanser in the colder months, so I was hopeful to find something similar from 100 Percent Pure. The closest alternative was this Organic Argan Oil Creamy Cleanser for dry skin. Although I have combination skin that's both prone to breakouts and aging, I figured I'd give it a shot anyway.

As you can see, it is a bit thicker than the Josie Maran version, which made me hesitate for a minute. However, the fact that I've never had any issues with any other 100 Percent Pure products, convinced me to try it out on my face (I had considered using it on just my hands, if it was too rich for my face).

To my surprise, this cleanser was gentle, moisturizing, but not too moisturizing. It doesn't foam, but it does change consistency to something similar to a lather without all the bubbles, if that makes sense. It removes most makeup, although I needed to wash my face twice to remove some stubborn eyeliner and mascara (they weren't waterproof, so I'd recommend using some coconut oil to remove your makeup first, if it's waterproof). I will say that it does not irritate my eyes, like the Josie Maran version sometimes does.

Here I am after a week of cleansing with the 100 Percent Pure Organic Argan Oil Creamy Facial Cleanser. This photo was taken right after washing my face (I'm not wearing any makeup in this picture, which explains why I don't leave the house without mascara). My skin tone is even, soft and clear. I'm not surprised that this cleanser is flying off the shelves at the store. I might have to stock up on this one.

Now let's move on to the French Lavender Shower Gel from the free gift I received with my purchase. I can't believe it was a full-size product.

In the past, I've used the shower foam, specifically the Pink Grapefruit Hydrating Body Wash. Rumor has it that the body washes/foams might be phased out, so I welcomed the opportunity to try the gel. The look and texture of the gel is similar to that of the facial cleanser I just reviewed, as well as many of the brand's other products (I think it is due to the lack of artificial colors, etc.). The gel might not foam straight out of the container like the shower washes, but I got the same foamy results from it when used with the pink scrubbie (also from the free gift with purchase).

After a week of use, my skin feels soft and moisturized. This shower gel even washes away any odor from a hard workout or a ton of sledding in the snow (my kids have been off from school 3 days this week due to snow). TMI, but sometimes I find it difficult to find a natural product that makes me feel clean and fresh without stripping away any moisture from my skin.

My only critique would be the scent, which is quite strong. I tend to go for fruity or vanilla, rather than floral, so I suppose it's just a matter of preference. I'd definitely be willing to try another scent, though. I'll be buying more of this shower gel.