Saturday, March 14, 2015

Cacao Magic Mousse

Happy Pi Day everyone! Hope you're celebrating this mathematical wonder with a big slice of pie or perhaps some pie filling minus the crust. I was always a fan of the filling anyway.

For example, today I'm enjoying some crust-free pie that's as simple as 1, 2, 3. All you need is three ingredients (not counting a splash of vanilla, if desired) to whip up this no-bake treat in a jiffy.

To start, pop open a can of chilled full-fat coconut milk (I recommend keeping one of these in your fridge overnight or further in advance for when a craving may strike). Make sure it's been sitting undisturbed in your refrigerator, so the coconut cream separates from the coconut milk. Carefully, scoop out only the coconut cream (it should be about a cup worth) into a cold mixing bowl and use a handheld electric mixer to whip it into a whipped cream consistency.

Sweeten your whipped coconut cream with some honey (I added about 1 Tbsp.), like Philosophie's Cacao Bee Honey, and whip it some more. I also like to add vanilla at this stage, although it still tastes amazing without it.

Next, mix in some cacao powder or Philosophie Cacao Magic Vegan Protein and Superfood Powder (I like to amp up the nutritional profile by adding the Cacao Magic, which also contains hemp seed protein, cacao nibs, maca root powder, mesquite seed pod powder, vanilla, chia seeds and reishi mushroom powder; I used about 2 Tbsp.) and whip one more time, just enough to incorporate it.

Divide your resulting Cacao Magic Mousse into 2 or 3 serving cups and allow to set in your fridge until ready to serve. Delish!

Happy Pi Day (minus the crust)!


*So you know, I purchased the Philosophie products used in this and prior recipes on my blog. I love that the powders, honey and coconut butter come in three flavors without any added sweeteners, like stevia, which sometimes bothers my stomach or gives me headaches. It's nice to see a line that allows you to adjust your own level of sweetness or gives you the option to not use any sweeteners at all.

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