Tuesday, July 7, 2015

I Heart Pacifica Natural Beauty

As you all know, I frequently shop at Target and have been extremely excited about the latest natural products on its store shelves, such as Pacifica. It's a 100% vegan and cruelty-free natural beauty line that's reasonably priced (a portion of the proceeds goes to support clean water). It also comes in this eye-catching, colorful packaging (which is recyclable and printed with soy ink).

As you can see, it's also cute when the boxes are removed. I couldn't resist picking up the Aquarian Gaze Water-Resistant Long Lash Mineral Mascara with Coconut, Kelp & Vitamin B, Power of Love Coconut-Infused Mineral Eye Shadow Palette and the Power of Love Natural Lipstick in Super Love.

Honestly, the aquatic mermaid-like packaging is what got me to buy this mascara, along with the fact that it claimed to be water-resistant (it really is; it held up while playing "waterpark" in the yard with the kiddos, although I probably wouldn't try swimming underwater with it on your lashes). Although it stands up to splashing, as well as tears, it takes a few coats to really build up my lashes versus my trusty 100 Percent Pure Maracuja Oil Mascara that only requires one coat. Then again, it also is very easy to control. It's not clumpy at all (although I love my 100 Percent Pure mascara, I do recommend removing some of the product from the brush before application).

Obviously, I had to have this beautiful Power of Love eye shadow palette that just screams summer. I love the color variation. There are natural hues, as well as some pops of turquoise, navy and plum.

This palette even has something nice to say when you open it. I feel pretty already :)

Here are some swatches of the colors. They are quite beautiful, but not as dark as I expected. I do recommend a primer under these, if you want them to last all day. I personally prefer the colors that have more shimmer, as they also seem to go on better and last longer. I also love a good shimmer (meaning a nice glow/shimmer, rather than a glitter).

My favorite Pacifica product is this Power of Love (is anyone else transported "Back to the Future" when they read this? I can't get that Huey Lewis and the News song out of my head) Natural Lipstick in Super Love. I tend to wear red lipstick a lot these days. This is a Buy One, Give One Lipstick, where each Power of Love lipstick purchased = one free lipstick to a woman in need. Very cool.

This lipstick is gorgeous on my lips, lasts all day and is extremely moisturizing. It feels like when you apply coconut oil on them. This is currently my hubby's favorite lipstick on me. I recently wore this lipstick in this makeup look of the day pic on my Instagram, as well as in a lipstick of the day post in my July 4th recap. I'm also wearing the Pacifica mascara and some of the eye shadows from today's blog post. Don't I look a little like those girls from those Robert Palmer videos? I'm so dating myself :)

I'm so happy that Target is carrying Pacifica, as well as some of my other favorite brands, like Acure Organics (you may remember this post about them debuting at Target, as well as my skincare review). I like to keep these facial wipes on hand, especially for when the power goes out. Pacifica makes some nice ones, too.

I also can't get enough of all the Navitas Naturals products I've found there. I used to buy them all online.

Lastly, I nearly fell over the other day when I found Vega on a shelf at Target (I had been buying it at Whole Foods, which isn't as convenient). I remember when it was only sold in Canada, so I would make Brendan Brazier's original recipes in place of it (I once met him and also interviewed him).

What products have surprised you at Target? Have you tried Pacifica? Let me know on Twitter at @Rawdorable or on Instagram (also @Rawdorable).