Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Thinking of me

Now that title is definitely not in the holiday spirit (even if the holidays are just about over). I sound totally self-absorbed.

But, I didn't mean to ask you to think of me (I love that song, by the way). I was just so happy to share the fact that one of my raw foodie friends thought of me anyway.

You may already know to whom I'm referring; why of course it's Jenny, a.k.a. Wylde Girl. She turns everything into a work of art.

Anyway, she mailed me these raw nut-free (you'll never miss them; just check out this recipe) truffles as a surprise, and boy was I. They made it safely to my doorstep and into my tummy. Yummy!

Don't worry about me; I'll have time to polish them off before the new year. That's when I'll sample some juice recipes from April's new e-book. She was nice enough to send me a copy, which I can't wait to review for you.

Thanks for thinking of me, girls :-)