Thursday, April 2, 2009

Pretty sketchy

As you all know, Jacob has been monopolizing the camera lately, so I thought I'd share this family sketch in place of the usual illustrative pic.

Now, I can't take the credit for this one (unlike the characature I posted quite a well back). I hate to admit it, but this one was printed out of a machine at Chuck E. Cheese this past weekend.

Jacob was invited to a birthday party there, and Matthew and I went along for the fun. We played games and saved a couple tokens for a quick family photo session.

Unfortunately, Dumpling is not visible in this pic, although he or she was moving and grooving in my belly at the time. If the camera had panned down a bit farther, you'd be able to see the little one's growing home.

Here's what Dumpling looked like a month and a half ago when I had that emergency sonogram. I was amazed at how developed he or she was at that early stage. It was too soon to identify the sex at the time, but I should be able to report that news soon.

I am happy to say that neither I nor my newest addition ate any of the pizza offered at the party. I planned in advance, packing a snack for the ride there and a dinner for the trip home.

To my surprise, I selected mostly raw food, including a nearly raw version of no-bake cookie batter, some fruit and a cherry nut bar. I guess my taste buds are changing again :-)