Sunday, November 8, 2009

This cookie's dolled up in dough

Still reminiscing about Vegan Mofo in cupcake (or in this case, "cake"/cookie) form, I made a mini tribute to my friend Averie's blog (she got me to participate in Mofo in the first place).

Although I've made raw cookie dough balls in the past, I never used this combination. My usual concoction consists of raw almond butter, tahini (sometimes I eliminate the almond butter and just use tahini), coconut butter, agave, vanilla and cacao nibs, while hers is a mixture of cashew/oat flour, agave, maple syrup, vanilla and vegan chocolate chips.

I just had to whip some up asap, but in my usual fashion, by making some tweaks. I didn't measure the ingredients and I replaced the maple syrup with date paste. I did, however, bend the rules a bit, using vegan chocolate chips instead of the really raw cacao nibs. A girl has a right to fall off the wagon, if she gets back on again, right?

Anyway, I opted to present this Vegan Mofo memory in an upside down version in honor of Averie's daughter, Skylar. As a little girl, I loved the doll cakes my mom made for me, so I formed the cookie dough around a mini Barbie and decorated it similar to how those cookie places in the mall frost their giant cookie "cakes." She has a top made out of chocolate sauce and a raw whipped icing ruffle around the bottom of the dress.

Thanks girls (Averie and Skylar) for the memories :-)

By the way, speaking of memories, this reminded me of another raw cupcake I already made with raw cookie dough. This is the one from last November. Talk about deja vu; it was the same date, too.

On another note, I might have a chance to get my hands on another Magic Bullet blender, or perhaps this opportunity could go to you. Chocolate-Covered Katie is having a kitchen gadget giveaway. Check it out :-)