Friday, November 20, 2009

A miniature Thanksgiving

This little idea (literally) comes courtesy of Monique a.k.a. "Mo," who posted her miniature Thanksgiving part 1 and part 2 on her blog during last month's Vegan Mofo. Here's my quickie raw cupcake version, also inspired by last year's turkfruity (pictured in the flashback photo below).

To start, I constructed a mini turkfruity out of apples with dried blueberry eyes, which I proudly displayed atop a pumpkin cupcake. Then, I rounded out the teeny tiny meal with raw whipped icing/mock mash potatoes seasoned with mint, a little leftover date and nut crumble "stuffing," some dried cranberries (what's Thanksgiving without cranberries?) and a side of pumpkin seeds (it needed some green in there somewhere).

Now that's a sweet and petite holiday meal :-)