Sunday, November 29, 2009

There's chocolate in my snowball

Seriously, there really is chocolate in my snowball, although this one is made of coconut snow. Rather than being annoyed by the uninvited presence of dirt or gravel in the outdoor stuff, I welcome these particular dark speckles in the food variety.

Back to Mofo again (but I promise to make it brief; I can see how this has gotten a bit out of hand), I decided to finish off the month of November with yet another Mofo memory in cupcake form. This one combines a few.

You may recall how I found the Sexy Sadie and her bakery home via the Cooking Vegan With Soul blog. Well, in the process, I also discovered the many other flavors the Sweet Avenue Bakery has to offer, like the Snowball and the Jet Black. I had planned on making one of each, but at the last minute decided to morph the two into this black and white version.

Reminded of Averie's cookie dough, as well as her chocolate snowballs (I'd seen a lot of raw macaroons during mofo), I shaped this traditionally snow white ball with cacao nib "chips" and placed it on top of a plain cookie dough cupcake (actually, the "cake" is basically my rawified and sexy reduced-fat cupcake base). Delicious!