Friday, April 20, 2012

Pink berry popcorn

Last Friday, I was checking Lauren Conrad's usual list of Friday favorites (yes, I follow her website) and spotted this old fashioned pink popcorn from the Cooking Classy blog. It was so pretty and looked like a fun snack to have with the kids.

Although actual popped popcorn is not something I would have posted on this site in the past, I have to admit that we occasionally eat it around here (as I said before, we are not a 100 percent raw household). It's not very often (actually, I can't remember the last time I had it), and when we do, I tend to stick with the plain, organic air-popped corn, which we later add our favorite flavors.

This was the case with the pink popcorn. The original recipe started out with plain popcorn, but since I wasn't very fond of the idea of using the corn syrup and food dye, I opted to make a simpler pink berry version.

Basically, I popped the popcorn, and while it was still warm, drizzled it with melted coconut oil and tossed it around in some freeze-dried strawberries ground into a powder. The results were pink and "berrylicious." Yum!

If you must make a high raw version, you could always substitute the popcorn for fresh cauliflower floret pieces. I haven't tried cauliflower coated in strawberry myself, though, but it reminds me of something I saw about how a little sugar or sweetness can teach some people to eat their veggies. Luckily, I don't need that trick in this household.

Oh, and a note about the popcorn, it is not recommended to give popcorn to children younger than 4 years old, although I'm not the first mom to break that rule. It is a choking hazard, so I made sure Hayden (who will be turning 3 in August) was seated and supervised. She also does a good job of eating one piece at a time and not all in one bite.

Happy Friday everyone!