Monday, April 30, 2012

Paper Crown

That's the name of a clothing line I like, but today, I'm really referring to the tissue paper floral wreath I made for Hayden out of items found in April's Eco Emi box. As you know, I've gotten in the habit of using the decorations and packaging from my past Eco Emi shipments for DIY projects (here's January, February and March), so this month was no exception.

Initially, my April Eco Emi box appeared more challenging than the rest (in terms of DIY inspiration). What was I to do with something that looked like a nest?

Turning it into a decorative nest to hold some of my small beauty product samples or accessories seemed too obvious. Instead, I went with the festival trend, transforming it into a fun, floral head wreath.
First, I formed the "nest" into a narrow strip, long enough to wrap into a wreath shape to fit the top of Hayden's head. Then, I used some copper wire (I had it with my jewelry making supplies) to wrap around it, securing some paper flowers (I made them out of green and blue tissue paper, also from my April Eco Emi box) along the way.

When I was finished, I attached both ends together with some more copper wire, making sure to tuck the end of the wire inside the wreath, so it wouldn't poke Hayden. Here's the finished floral wreath on her head.

She pouted for me at first ...

 ... but in the end, she thought
her paper flower crown was beautiful :-)