Monday, April 2, 2012

Flowers in her hair

In case you missed it, I posted about my March Eco Emi box last week. Just as I did with my January and February boxes, I decided to do a DIY accessory project with the confetti decorations found inside (I refuse to waste anything from these boxes; I even reuse the tissue paper), this time being cute little flowers.

At first I considered attaching them to a headband, but in the end, I decided to use them to decorate some old school ribbon barrettes. My mom would make them for me when I was a child in the 80s. I think I had a pair to match all of my outfits.

Now I have my own little girl to make these barrettes for, but with a special twist. I made them with some scrap ribbon, that wasn't quite as long as my mom would use to leave extensive pieces hanging from the ends, so I twisted the much shorter ends to go along with Hayden's messy waves.

Here's a link showing how to make these ribbon barrettes, as this blogger probably explains it better than I can (although I start mine from the opposite side; I like the ribbons to hang toward the back when the barrettes are placed on the sides of the head). I also want to make this post short and sweet, so I can spend more time with my kids, while my son is off from school for Spring break this week.

I thought the addition of the flowers to these barrettes really was perfect for Spring. I just glued them on at the end. Here's how they looked when finished.

Hayden loves them and had to wear them right away. I wish I had gotten to work on them before the Easter egg hunt at church yesterday (they hunt for the same plastic eggs every year that they turn in for a candy-free goody bag at the end), but she still looked adorable.

Here's a pic of Jacob and Hayden getting ready to go search for Easter eggs. They wouldn't stop to pose for the camera. When they're ready, they're ready, and they are ready for me now.

Hope you're enjoying Spring break, too :-)

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