Sunday, June 28, 2015

100% Pure Vitamints make their official debut

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you may have seen my lipstick of the day posts, which showed off five of the six new 100 Percent Pure Vitamint Fruit Pigmented Sheer Lip Colors.

As an official 100 Percent Pure Approved Blogger, I was sent these summery shades to sample and tease you a bit before their official debut on the 100 Percent Pure website.

I was first sent this Cherry Tomato shade, which you may remember me posting about a few weeks ago (it's the bottom left swatch, pictured above). It's actually more of a bright pinkish orange, rather than a red. Then again, cherry tomato juice is sort of that color when it drips on your white shirt (anyone else as messy as I am?  LOL).

Although it looks like cherry tomato juice when swatched on my skin, it actually appears like a bright pink on my lips (my lips have a tendency to bring out the pink in most lipsticks).

The other Vitamints I received showed up on my lips the same as in a swatch. Here are the colors I was sent. I received Peachy, Cake, Cherry Tomato, Butterscotch and Vino. For some reason, I did not receive Dragon Fruit, which looks a lot like those smoothie bowls everyone is posting these days (I'm imagining a vibrant fuchsia pink).

Here's a closer look at the five colors I swatched (Peachy, Cake, Cherry Tomato, Butterscotch and Vino). Peachy and Cake are creamy and denser than the other three, but still are somewhat sheer. Cherry Tomato, Butterscotch and Vino are more like highly pigmented lip tints or stains. They are all very glossy, minty fresh (they smell like mint and give my lips a slight tingle when applied, but without a plumping effect) and brighten up my look.

Cake is a fave, as it's a lighter, sheerer version of my 100 Percent Pure Fruit Pigmented Anti-Aging Lipstick in Melon. It's a fun, summer shade, which I like to wear with the new Eye Creamsticks in Naked Glimmer and Light (I posted my review a few days ago). I look a little silly in this Instagram pic, because I was joking about this being my birthday suit makeup look (due to the Naked Glimmer and Cake) for my hubby's birthday. I guess I was trying to look shocked and embarrassed :)

Vino makes my lips look like I was just sipping on wine or grape juice, but with a more uniform color and sophistication. I love how Vino brings out my eye color, too.

Butterscotch looks like it was made for me. It's the perfect nude color. I also like that it's called Butterscotch, as that was my favorite pudding flavor as a child.

Peachy is much lighter than my natural lip color. I can't seem to pull this one off without a smokey eye. When paired with the Eggplant Eye Creamstick, I love this sultry look.

Today, I found that I can also wear Peachy as a base color and top it off with Cherry Tomato to create a warm bright pink, which is so me. It's creamier than Cherry Tomato by itself and brighter than Cake. This is probably pretty close to the Dragon Fruit color I don't have.

Yesterday, I experimented with Cake, topped with Butterscotch (it's best to put the creamier color under the more sheer shade). The Butterscotch tones down the brightness of the Cake slightly, while the Cake adds some pink to the more muted Butterscotch.

My favorite part of these Vitamints (as well as the Eye Creamsticks) is the fact that they come in these cute twist-up tubes (no sharpener needed). They're so much fun.

Has anyone ordered the new Vitamints and/or Eye Creamsticks? What colors did you get? Let me know on Twitter at @Rawdorable or on Instagram (also @Rawdorable).

On another note, 100 Percent Pure is offering 20% off its SPF products today. Check it out my review of 100 Percent Pure Everywhere SPF 30 UVA & UVB Sunscreen from the other day.

*100 Percent Pure sent me these Vitamints for review. All opinions are my own.