Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Candy cane cookies

The other day, I got busy making some raw Christmas cookies for Santa (they'll keep in the freezer, if you need to make them in advance; with little lady around, I need to plan ahead). I already showed you the Rawtess Snowballs, so here's what was next.

I had leftover berry-colored coconut flakes from the snowballs. Not wanting to waste anything, I came up with this idea; using this raw chocolate chip cookie dough (minus the chocolate chips), I formed some candy cane cookies, which I "baked" in my dehydrator (like when I made this s'more cookie; the dough looked a lot smoother that time, as I used my Blendtec to make the "flour." This time, I was having some blender issues, so I had to use the food processor instead).

Then, on to the decorating. I iced them with a mixture of cocoa and agave, and added the stripes with a sprinkling of the leftover flakes in both plain and berry. The results were almost too cute to eat. Make some at home, and you be the judge.


By the way, have you voted for this year's Best of Raw? I did, and to my surprise, I was actually nominated for best raw blog twice (one with a capital "D," as in "RawDorable," and the other just "Rawdorable"). I've been a little out of the loop lately, so thanks to whoever nominated me. I really do appreciate it :-)