Monday, December 28, 2009

Year in review

With all the newscasts and other shows compiling their year in reviews, I thought it would be fun to revisit some of my posts from the past 12 months. Here are some of my favorite memories, complete with links to when they happened.

January 2009

I didn't post much that month, but I hinted as to what would be the newest addition to my site. I thought I had easily given away the surprise, although some readers took a bit longer to figure out the clues.

February 2009

In February, I continued to hint as to why my taste buds had changed and the activity had dropped on my site. By the end of the month, I introduced everyone to the "not-so-secret" secret.

March 2009

Still not feeling much like blogging, I only posted four times that month. But, thanks to my buddy Rawbin, I got to experience my first real raw mallowmar from Pure Food and Wine. Up until that point, I had to rely on my imagination and kitchen experiments.

April 2009

Now, I really fell off the bloggin' wagon that month, but I did use my site to share some good news; "Dumpling" could now be referred to as "Hayden," our little girl.

May 2009

Another slow month, but my eating habits were improving. The local farmers market opened for the season, and my cravings became more raw.

June 2009

Things picked up again that month. I was thriving on raw pudding, celebrating National Doughnut Day, eating the colors of the rainbow, appreciating the flavors in season, scrunching and munching, and making my own takeout. I even found time to take Jacob to golf camp, and document his experience in photos.

July 2009

That month was full of raw food and fun. I was craving kale salad, sampling recipes from Sarma, Heidi and Justin, and bringing back raw cupcakes. I even attended a raw social outing, thanks to none other than Rawbin (she used to thank me for introducing her to raw, while I'm grateful she reminded me why I love it).

August 2009

August was really special, as my due date was quickly approaching. I got creative, jewelry making and onesie decorating. I did some house cleaning and took a break to celebrate International Green Smoothie Day (always good on the go). Then, I tested out my version of "the dressing" to see if it worked, and the result came out the next day. The following posts were all about showing her off.

September 2009

Little lady gave me inspiration to post that month, mainly so I could blog about her or share a sweet pic. Almost as sweet was my banana n'ice cream, which I consumed daily in either a sundae or other form. I took a tip from Maggie Moo's, serving it like a cupcake. I'd eat it for breakfast or just grab one in a pinch (I had some chubby cheeks as a child, and so does this little mini me). I even opted for some nontraditional, but delicious toppings.

October 2009

Amazingly, I posted everyday that month, with the support of my new friend, Averie. I participated in Vegan Mofo III, sharing some frozen treats, both new and old, and cozying up with some zucchetti stoup and other yummy warm, but raw soups. I did some brunch making, featuring a semi-raw French toast, cookie unbaking with peanut-free PB cookies, and celebrated Halloween present and past, in food and costume form. And, of course there were cupcakes, and more cupcakes galore. Here is one of my faves; okay, just one more.

November 2009

In November, I cut my blogging in half, while still finding time to reminisce about the prior month's mofo in cupcake form. I molded, shaped, sandwiched, split and unbaked. Then, I took veganized to rawified and had a mini feast. I flashed back to past Thanksgivings and offered it up as cupcakes, too. Lastly, I had some leftovers, leaving room for just one more cupcake. Mmmm.

December 2009

Although we are still in this month, I figured I'd sum it up anyway. I started out claiming that you wouldn't hear from me so much (except for Jacob's birthday, of course), but since I got a new camera for Christmas, I've already out-posted last month. It inspired me to unbake some new raw cookies for Santa, including Rawtess Snowballs, candy cane cookies, fruity window panes, misfit cookies and last minute wreaths. I even got to guest post on Averie's site. I finished off the month with snow pics, a gingerbread kick and some recycled jewelry. Now I'm reflecting back on it all and looking forward to the future :-)


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