Thursday, May 27, 2010

Martha makes date paste

I know this sounds silly, but I always get a kick out of when I see raw food techniques demonstrated on mainstream television. When this happens, I've just got to share.

Today, Martha Stewart showed her viewers how to make date paste. Then, she made a milkshake out of it. That's where the raw food part went out the window.

At least we can still make our own raw ice creams and banana-based n'ice creams to substitute for the processed stuff in her recipe, as a date shake (although the dairy-free shake pictured is a different flavor; you could even try one with yacon paste) does sound like a yummy idea on this hot, sunny day (we're in the 90s again).

Speaking of substitutes, check out Russell's date sweetener alternative to agave (thanks to Sui for pointing it out to me). Very nice :-)