Friday, May 7, 2010

Ladies who lunch

I got to be a lady at lunch, too, although I guess it's no surprise, as my mommy always refers to me as her little lady. If you haven't figured it out yet, it's me, Hayden (the one munching on my dolly in a less than lady-like pose), who is posting today.

Since Mother's Day is this weekend, I thought I'd let mommy relax, while I took over the blogging duties for the day. I must take after her, because this will be my third post. I'm a natural!

Mommy likes to feed me naturally, too, which is why I always get to come along for the ride. She takes me everywhere she goes, like out to lunch with the ladies yesterday at Great Sage. Here she is with Ms. Carolene, Ms. Elizabeth and Ms. Rawbin.

Before you get too impressed with my camera skills, I have to admit that I did not take the pic. Ms. Meredith took that one, but she did pose for the next shot with Ms. Carolene and Ms. Rawbin.

Mommy also turned the camera on us. That's me in my stroller.

Did you notice that we got to eat outside? The weather was perfect for it. I love the fresh air and sunshine. The vitamin D is free; that's what mommy says.

So what was on the menu?

Mommy got some green machine smoothie thing with peaches, mango and banana. Hey, it has spirulina in there. Mommy, why didn't you share?

At least she brought me my own banana and a spoon. You should have seen the way she fed it to me (sorry, no pic), scooping it right out of the banana peel. Talk about some compostable packaging.

Mommy and the other ladies also got the raw California rolls. Bitt, did you notice the cute little sprouts? Seriously, check out the sprouts, not me :-)

Some of mommy's friends also got a kelp noodle dish with sea veggies. I really wish I could put my hands in those stringy things, but I guess that wouldn't be lady-like.

Ms. Rawbin got hers with a side of cashew "cheese." That's what mommy tries to get me to say when she takes my picture. I think I may have actually said the "cheese" part (or at least the "eese" when she snapped the pic of the two of us earlier).

Ms. Elizabeth got the almost raw Vietnamese spring rolls. From what I heard the waitress say, they are raw except for the rice paper wraps. That sounds right up my alley, although mommy hates it when I try to eat paper.

At least she saved room for dessert, which she selected with me in mind. She could have ordered the raw chocolate mousse, like Rawbin, but instead, went the nonraw, yet nut- and chocolate-free (sort of, I'll explain in a moment) route for me.

Mommy knows I like coconut. I got to have some dairy-free coconut-based ice cream at her birthday party (as seen in the pic with the berries and the candle on top), and wouldn't you know; it was on the menu here, too.

I got to have some plain vanilla coconut-based ice cream, while mommy still got to have her chocolate fix with some house-made hot fudge on the side (BTW, that's not a spider on the spoon; it is just a reflection of the umbrella above us). I can't wait until she lets me try it.

Here she is feeding me the ice cream. This was my first bite.

Yikes! I forgot how cold it was. Can you say "brain freeze?"

Let me just touch it. Okay, I remember now :-)

After lunch, we went next door to the Nest, where mommy bought me a cute swim diaper with flowers and ruffles on the butt (as if I need my behind to look any bigger; thanks mom - that was sarcasm, if you didn't catch that). She also got me a mini bamboo spork (it's a spoon on one side and a fork on the other, duh).

Then, on to Roots Market. Mommy got some fruit things for me (I'm actually getting the hang of picking up and eating these), as well as some baby wash and lotion. She also purchased some Larabars for my big brother Jacob and papaya for her. I want some of that :-)

Speaking of Jacob, we headed home to him, as it was about time for school to let out. I was so anxious to see him (what else is new?).

Ms. Rawbin, don't forget your birthday gift in the fridge. Mommy made her some cupcake minis. Yum!

Have a great weekend :-)