Friday, May 14, 2010

Under the weather

Mommy hasn't quite been herself lately, so I decided to help her out again by posting (this is Hayden, BTW). She may be changing things up a bit, but she better not take away my spotlight. Although the sun is gone today (I don't know where it is hiding; come out, come out, wherever you are), I still need a place to shine.

My superhero mommy (I've heard her described that way, as she takes on the home and blogging world) has been defeated (temporarily, of course) by her own form of kryptonite (you know; that stuff that weakens Superman and Supergirl. My brother and daddy like to teach me about those things). Hers may not be green, but it can cause some green boogers (TMI).

Now don't go sharing this information with any of those Lex Luther types; my mommy is highly allergic (whatever that means) to dust bunnies (although I don't remember seeing any bunnies around here, except maybe this raw cupcake one or that one, the bunny still living in our yard. Jacob likes to feed it carrots). She breaths them (the dust bunnies, not these bunnies) in and ends up all icky.

I think she even mentioned something about a fever, which I was lucky enough not to have the other night. She checked me for one (come on mom; there's got to be another way. Didn't you hear the kid in the diaper commercial? Love him) when I kept her up for hours. Surprise, surprise, I was just teething again (I guess it is worth it, as these teeth will help me chew some srumdiddlyumptious food).

Mommy tries to make me comfortable with some homeopathetic stuff (something tells me I didn't get that word quite right, although my interpretation does make sense). It has chamomile in it, so maybe next time she'll give me a cup of tea instead. Imagine that, as I have been to a tea party (I need to work on my teacup sipping skills).

Anyway, let's put a positive spin on things with this recipe mommy never got around to letting me post (it may be blue, but it is so good for you). This food pic was taken weeks ago. Better late than never, right? Here you go:

Hayden's Blended
Blueberry Pro-Bowl

1/2 ripe banana
1/8 avocado
small handful of organic blueberries
1 tsp. hemp protein powder

Have mommy put the ingredients in her Magic Bullet blender and puree into a creamy pudding. Feed it to me as is, or garnish with a sprinkling of spirulina (you know how I like it). Yum!


On another note, I just wanted to tell you about my special day. Mommy shares hers with Jacob and I, since we were both baptized on Mother's Day. I won't discuss the event itself, as I know not all of you share our religious beliefs, but I did want to mention a couple things.

First of all, my aunt April made it to the church on time (she has a busy schedule, so we weren't sure if she'd be able to attend). She got to see me model the same dress she wore for her baptism. Aren't hand-me-downs the best? Alicia thinks so, too, although I agree that I wouldn't mind having some of those cute clothes either.

Also, my buddy Leo showed up, along with his mommy, Ms. Becky. I can't wait until he is able to do some of the things I can do. For now, I like to just chill with him. This is how we roll after a long church service. Come to think of it; a nap sounds like a great idea :-)