Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A change of pace

If you haven't noticed, I've been away from my computer the past couple days. It's just something I have to do from time to time, as I've said in prior entries.

I prefer to post naturally without forcing creativity or trying to be something I'm not. I'd rather just share what's going on in my life at the time and when I feel necessary. As a result, I tend to fall into a similar pattern every year.

The most popular posts tend to be during the colder months, especially when there is a holiday. That's when I whip up most of my heavier desserts with themes. For instance, most of my raw cupcake kicks tend to happen at those times (although my birthday was cause for celebration in my mind).

In January, I eat a bit cleaner, due to my resolutions, which I tend to stray from after a couple months (hence the raw cupcake craze). Then, when the weather warms up, I do my best to get back on track (although I do end up consuming a lot of banana-based n'ice cream; I love how this one ended up resembling a Wendy's Frosty, but better for you).

For instance, my life surprisingly doesn't revolve around raw cupcakes; they are just a special treat (which I always manage to sneak in every once and a while). I'm actually more of a salad eater (I love this post Gena did on her site recently) and smoothie drinker (I'd show you more of them if they weren't so sludgy green all the time; here's a chocolaty-colored Shake Your Money Maker from "RAWvolution" I sometimes have to wake myself up in the morning), which only requires some random tossing and blending.

It was so nice to take home some leftovers on Mother's Day from my mom's house (we had a luncheon there, following Hayden's baptism), so I didn't have to worry about making dinner. The stress-free bowl pictured at the top of this post was even yummier, due to this fact. Although it was just a bunch of greens, odds and ends from the fruit/veggie trays, avocado, nuts and balsamic vinegar, it was very refreshing.

Since then, I've continued to just toss what I have into a bowl and enjoy the simplicity of it all. I even like to add a sprinkling of spirulina (although you can't really see it in this photo; it got mixed in the bottom somehow) to make it even better (Courtney, I know you can appreciate that; gotta love the spirulina!).

Anyway, the point of all of this is to let you know what to expect from this blog in the upcoming weeks or months. The posts may become more random and relaxed. The food will probably be lighter, as that's what I crave this time of year (it also is more seasonal).

I'll probably get outdoors more and hopefully get to work on my next project, a beach mural on the back of my parents' house. They are actually going to pay me to paint one for them, like the mural someone did on the side of the welcoming center at the beach near my house (I took this photo a couple years ago on our boardwalk).

If you are interested, I may be able to post my progress on the blog once I get started. It should be a nice change of pace :-)