Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cake or pudding?

On a day like today, why not have both? So, that's what I did.

We've had the craziest weather around here lately. At first it was gorgeous; you would think it was summer already (my favorite time of year, BTW).

But then, Mother Nature decided to stir things up a bit, with her rollercoaster ride of unpredictable temps (as high as 90 and as low as in the 50s - our high for today should be about 55 degrees), rounds of hide-and-go-seek with Mr. Sun and a sprinkling or more from Mr. Rain Cloud (he didn't want to get left out from the party, I guess).

As usual, I try to look on the bright side. Maybe I'll catch a glimpse of a rainbow like this one I found in my archives of pics. It reminds me of Bitt's Rainbow Sherbet Cake (I would have loved to have had a slice. Happy birthday Chris!) or my n'ice cream cupcake with rainbow chard sprinkles.

Anyway, it's too cold for that kind of thing (although it's never stopped me before), so I opted for a pudding instead. I would have had a raw cupcake, but after the recent craze, I need to tone it down a bit in the sweet department in order to tone up my bod for summer (don't worry; there's still room for the occasional raw cupcake).

Now, I'm not one to give up the sweets entirely; I just try to cut back to lightly fruit-sweetened treats, like my favorite chocolate puddings. Then, I can have my cake crumbs, too, relying on the pudding to enhance it flavor. Let me explain.

The "cake" in this layered concoction is only a combination of finely ground nuts/nut pulp, cocoa powder, sea salt and cinnamon. Once scattered throughout the pudding (banana, avocado, pear, cocoa powder, sea salt and cinnamon) with some fresh sliced strawberries (they are in season around here now), the crumbs absorb the sweetness; no dates or agave necessary.

As I do have a tendency to eat based on the weather and my emotions (I know I shouldn't, but it's true), this does seem like the perfect comfort food. Lucky for me, it's not as bad as it could be :-)


Before I forget, thanks to everyone who sent well wishes my way. I really appreciate it. Hope you liked Hayden's helpful post.