Monday, May 11, 2015

Pure Bar Semi-homemade Tartlets

Happy Monday! Hope you enjoyed your Mother's Day weekend. I was lucky enough to have Sunday dinner with my family, which included my mother and grandmother. I brought these scrumptious semi-homemade tartlets to share, as well as a quinoa dish from "Pure Food," the book I blogged about last Friday (it's written by Veronica Bosgraaf, founder of the Pure Bar).

Although the Cranberry Leek Quinoa recipe is in the October section of the book (dividing the recipes into months makes it easy to eat seasonally), I couldn't resist making it for this special day. I've been craving the cover pic from the minute I saw it, and my mom has been on a new quinoa kick. Due to the fact that fresh cranberries are not in season, I used apple-sweetened dried cranberries, but that didn't stop my grandmother from asking for seconds.

For dessert, I was drawn to Veronica's Strawberry Ice Cream Pie, especially since berry season has begun around here (and I already made push pop versions of her Mother's Day recipe). According to her book, the pie crust in this recipe was the start of Pure Bars and the company. With that in mind, I opted to use Pure Bars (may I suggest Dark Chocolate Berry and Wild Berry Pure Bars for this recipe) as the crust in mini versions of her pie, also known as tartlets.

I cut each bar in half, rolled them in a ball and pressed them into a mini muffin tin, as shown. I used the handle end of my Vitamix tamper to create the well in the center of the tartlet, but feel free to form yours with another kitchen item or just your hands.

I carefully removed each formed tartlet shell from the muffin tin and filled them with variations of Veronica's recipe. I stuck with the original strawberry ice cream recipe to fill the Dark Chocolate Berry Pure Bar tartlet shells, which I topped off with fresh raspberries.

However, I also made a blueberry version to fill the Wild Blueberry Pure Bar tartlet shells. I topped those with fresh blueberries, of course.

These semi-homemade tartlets were so tasty and easy to make. I can't wait to make more semi-homemade treats with Pure Bars. Thanks again to Veronica for sending me some :)