Tuesday, May 5, 2015

100% Pure Charcoal Konjac Sponge is worth it

Warning: This post contains no-makeup selfies. Proceed at your own risk :)

The last time I went to the 100 Percent Pure store, I had to ask if the Charcoal Konjac Sponge is worth all the hype. It sells out frequently and has stellar reviews.

As you can see, there was only one left at the store that day, after I got mine. Dana, the store manager, talked me into testing it out. She assured me that even those with sensitive skin like mine have had great results. I could even use it in the mornings without a cleanser when my skin is already makeup-free.

Here's how the sponge looks in its packaging. It explains what it is and how it works: "100% natural sponge made from 2 simple ingredients - konjac plant blended with bamboo charcoal, which is an amazing detoxifier to help purge toxins out of pores. Soft gentle sponge draws out oil, environmental pollutants, dirt, cosmetics and other impurities from facial pores while buffing away dead skin cells, bumps and flakes for smooth skin. So gentle, suitable for even the most sensitive skin."

I could tell right away that this sponge didn't require a cleanser. The packaging locks in moisture so the sponge starts out in a hydrated state. It also feels like it has an aloe substance on it, which must be from the konjac plant.

To use the sponge, it needs to be soaked in warm water. Then, it can be massaged on the skin in circular motions with or without a cleanser. It's gentle enough to use around the eye area, but still be careful not to tug at that skin, as with any cleansing technique.

This sponge exfoliates without any harsh scrubbing. To my surprise, my face was left baby soft, although I will caution one thing. If you haven't used a detoxifying cleanser and/or face mask in a while, this sponge will draw impurities up to the surface. I got a small breakout on my chin initially, which has since gone away with continued use.

Otherwise, I think the 100 Percent Pure Charcoal Konjac Sponge rocks and I'd buy another one three months from now (that's how often they should be replaced). In between uses, you can hang it by its string in the shower or set in a small dish (I keep mine in a dish, as I prefer to wash my face at the sink after my shower). It will shrink and harden like a rock when dry (seriously, it resembles a pumice stone), but plumps back up in warm water for the next use.


On another note, Mother's Day is this weekend. If you haven't gotten your mom a gift yet, check out 100 Percent Pure's Mother's Day sets with free expedited shipping through May 6, 2015. I happen to like this Glamour Queen Set, pictured above.

Also, today is Cinco De Mayo, so 100 Percent Pure wanted to highlight the aloe plant with an aloe facial and margarita recipe on their blog.