Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Plain white tee becomes a crop pocket tee

As you know, we like to do t-shirt transformations around here, like my spontaneous t-shirt dress, Hayden's "warm and fuzzy" play dress and a two-tone infinity scarf. Therefore, it's no surprise that I've got another one for you today.

Just like with my spontaneous t-shirt dress, I used one of Jacob's t-shirts. I'm talking about those plain white tees that are packaged together for a reasonable price. Wouldn't it be nice if they were more fashionable and flattering? A boy's tee isn't exactly cut for me (where's my waist?).

So that's what I did; I cut off the bottom of this plain white tee, as you can see (cropped tops are really popular these days). I started by measuring and marking the amount I wanted to remove from the bottom of the shirt.

Then, I used some sharp scissors to cut along the line I marked. I could have stopped there, as the shirt was now ready to wear with a pair of high-waisted jeans, but I opted to add a pocket for the fun of it. In my mind, turning it into a pocket tee made it less obvious that it came from a pack of plain white tees.

To make the pocket, I traced a pattern from one of my son's pocket tees.

Then, I pinned my pattern to the scrap piece of t-shirt that I just removed from my now cropped tee. I used the bottom hem of the shirt as the top detail on the pocket.

I cut out the pocket pattern and fabric, as shown.

I pinned the fabric pocket to the cropped t-shirt, making sure I was happy with the placement prior to sewing it.

I used my sewing machine to attach the pocket. I left a rough edge around it to match the unfinished bottom of the shirt.

I had considered cutting off the finished edges on the sleeves, as well as cutting a rough v-neck, but in the end, I left the shirt as you see it here. It's really comfy.


On another note, I got some great stuff the other day from an awesome mom, Veronica Bosgraaf, founder of the Pure Bar (you may recall my semi-homemade recipes made with Pure Bars, like my Last-Minute Love Bug Brownie Bites and Pure Bees). I hope to review and make some recipes for you in the next week or so. In the meantime, please consider picking up her book, "Pure Food," which would make a great Mother's Day gift (Amazon Prime can get it to you in time).

It has a recipe for Mother's Day Strawberry, Mango and Coconut Mousse that I'm probably going to try this weekend.

And while we're on the subject of Mother's Day and items I'll be posting about soon, Acure Organics was kind enough to send their Eye Cream, Line Eraser and Seriously Firming Facial Serum for me to review. I just got them last night, and I'm already happy with my initial reaction. Seriously, this facial serum had me at hello. Can't wait to tell you what I think after about a week of use (I always give skincare products at least a week to give a realistic review).

I do know that Acure's argan oil is a goodie, so you could treat your mom with their Aromatherapeutic Argan Oil Set in Citrus Ginger, Rose and Coconut. I'm a big fan of argan oil, so it's got me written all over it. This set is 20% off right now on Acure's website in honor of Mother's Day.