Thursday, May 14, 2015

Quick & easy initial necklace

Trends come and go, so sometimes it's fun to DIY that trend in a way you can easily change it up in the future.

For example, I made this lollipop necklace when they were popular (I guess that's my throwback Thursday), and today, I'm using the chain from that necklace for something new.

Initial necklaces are quite popular right now, especially those worn off-center. Rather than taking apart a perfectly good chain, I opted to keep the closure visible and use it to attach my initial.

To start, I put a metallic initial bead (my first initial is "s") on an eye pin, as shown.

Then, I threaded the pin through the loop end of the chain.

I cut off the excess of the pin and wrapped it around to secure it in place. The eye of the pin now serves as part of the necklace closure.

Instead of wearing the closure of the necklace in back of my neck, I attached it in the front, so you can see the initial. When I get tired of the trend, I can just move it to the back or remove it. Then, I can start all over again with the next trend :)