Friday, May 15, 2015

Shaved Fruit Ice & Pure Brownie Sundae

The other night I was watching Unique Sweets on The Cooking Channel. The Kids Treats episode featured Wooly's Ice of NYC, a unique shaved ice vendor that serves a light, refreshing shaved ice, made out of real fruit and fresh ingredients. Some of their flavors seem to be a cross between ice cream and a snow cone.

On the episode, Wooly's Ice made a strawberry sundae, starting with the strawberry base, which is frozen and put through the ice shaver (rather than shaving ice and pouring condensed flavor on top). Since I have a kid-friendly ice shaver, I came up with an idea to instantly replicate the sundae.

I put just frozen strawberries in my ice shaver, so I didn't have to wait to make and freeze a special sweetened puree.

I put my cute bear topper in place and turned the crank until all the strawberries made it through the device.

Here's how the frozen strawberries looked when I was done. They're like frozen strawberry ribbons that just melt in your mouth.

The Wooly's Ice strawberry sundae was topped with brownie chunks and some kind of syrup. Therefore, I chopped up a Chocolate Brownie Pure Bar to add to mine ...

... along with a generous drizzle of Philosophie Cocoa Bee honey. Yum!

I think I'll be making more shaved frozen fruit sundaes like this soon. You should try it, too :)


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