Sunday, October 12, 2008

Catching some rays & cranberries

As most of you know, my summer was cut short unexpectedly, when I took a tumble and broke my foot a month and a half ago in my cute little flip flops. Since then, my foot hasn't looked so cute and my toes have remained hidden in a rather unattractive bulky boot.

Lucky for me, the fall weather has taken a turn for the best (rather than the more commonly used phrase, "for the worse"), allowing me to make up for lost time. Although it's October and we've already had to break out our lightweight jackets, this weekend has been warm and sunny, complete with temps in the high 70s to low 80s range.

Yippie! I was so excited when I heard the forecast. I had taken a few trips down to the boardwalk and beach near my house lately, just to sit on a blanket and watch my son play with his grandfather on a wooden play set, but now, we'd actually get to enjoy beach weather.

We pulled out the swimwear, beach towels and sand toys. We couldn't wait to experience those last missed days of summer.

Yesterday, I sprawled out on a sheet again, exposed my somewhat healed toes and even put them in the sand, while Jacob and Paw Paw (see his shadow taking the pic) took their feet a bit further, actually dipping them in the water (maybe I'll do that today). They even caught a small fish, which Jacob wanted to bring home as a pet (at least he didn't ask to eat it).

Then, they made their way over to the wooden boat and swing set. I stayed on the blanket and babysat the fish, as I read my latest book. I'm currently visiting the residents of Cedar Cove, as they deal with their relationship struggles and try to solve some mysteries in Debbie Macomber's "44 Cranberry Point."

In the words of character Peggy Beldon, "There's lots of other gossip I could tell you. Come by for a cup of tea and one of my blueberry muffins and we'll talk."

I could've gone for one of my blueberry muffins and a cup of blueberry green tea this a.m., but due to the warmer weather, I decided to stick with my usual fruit. However, since it is fall, I decided to use some of the cranberries I purchased this week.

While at work on Friday, I found myself glancing through a copy of Everyday with Rachael Ray magazine, where I came across a recipe for a cranberry mango sauce served at some restaurant or bed and breakfast. I can't remember the recipe or exactly where it was from (I guess I should've written it down), but it seemed to be the perfect compliment for my reading (It is called "44 Cranberry Point," and Peggy owns a B&B in the book).

I quickly processed some mango chunks, cranberries, orange segments, lime and lemon juice, dates, vanilla, cinnamon and sea salt, and then added a few more chunks of orange and mango for added texture. It was a lovely start to this warm fall day (you don't hear that very often).

Now I must leave you and get ready for another day at the beach. We did let the fish go, but I think Jacob hopes we'll see it again.