Thursday, May 3, 2012

Punk Rawk guitar pick jewelry

I know it's been a while since I mentioned Alissa of Punk Rawk Labs Kickstarter campaign. It was such a success that I'm only now posting about what I received as a gift for my donation (she had a lot to send out; thanks to all who donated). I got nut milk cheeses, a special treat and some swag from her band, including a CD (Hayden is a big fan), stickers and guitar picks.

The guitar picks are the inspiration for today's post. Since we already have a ton of guitar picks around here (my hubby plays guitar and is teaching the kids, too), I decided to showcase them as jewelry, rather than just strumming some strings with them.

One reason why we have so many guitar picks is because I got Matthew a guitar pick punch for Christmas. It can turn any piece of thin plastic (old credit cards or gift cards, plastic lids and other items from the recycling bin) into a guitar pic with one quick punch, as you can see I did out of some clear and white plastic packaging. These were perfect for expanding the number and variety of picks on the finished necklace.

Since the plastic punched picks were thinner, it was easy to make a hole at the top for jewelry-making. However, I needed to drill one in the top of each of the Punk Rawk Labs picks. 

Then, I used jump rings to link all the picks onto a basic chain I purchased from the craft store (although I think old guitar strings would have been amazing, as well, much like these bracelets). I love how this one reminds me of a key chain; something casual with just the right amount of edge. What do you think of the finished piece?

After making the guitar pick necklace, I had some more fun, thinly slicing carrots to resemble the guitar picks. They're great for scooping up some Punk Rawk Labs nut milk cheese (so jealous of those of you who live in areas where you can actually buy it in the stores). Yum!

I also strung some on a necklace, similar to when I made that strand of grapes, a.k.a. "nature's candy necklace." Edible necklaces look so fresh and are quite tasty, too. You should try it :-)