Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Gwyneth's Goop by Juice Beauty is that good

I'll admit it; I'm a huge Gwyneth Paltrow fan, although that wasn't always the case. In my younger years, a bit of unrealistic jealousy gave me a less than favorable view of Brad Pitt's then girlfriend, who also shared the screen with my celebrity crush at the time, Ethan Hawke.

I've matured over the years (and so has my skin), realizing that I was being totally ridiculous. In interviews, she actually comes across as someone I'd love to hang out with and swap foodie, fitness, fashion and beauty tips. Yes, she still has some things I wish I had, too, but a girl can dream without blaming the one who seems to have it all.

With so much available to her, it's no surprise that Gwyneth (I'm totally typing this like she's "my friend in my head," but don't worry, I can separate fantasy from reality) has the means to put out an amazing skin care line. Working closely with Juice Beauty, a company with more than a decade of experience making non-toxic beauty products, she and her lifestyle brand Goop help to formulate Goop by Juice Beauty, a luxurious, organic and effective skincare line.

In Gwyneth's words on her Goop website, she states, "we literally did not rest until we had a set of six products that are, quite simply, perfect. Safe enough for our daughters, and powerful enough for those of us who may have spent too much time in the sun. I hope you love them as much as I do."

I, of course, adore the four products I've tried in this Discovery Set (not just because I'm a Gwyneth Paltrow and Goop fan), which is the most economical way to test drive the line (hopefully, Goop continues to restock it, as it tends to sell out quickly). It contains the Enriching Face Oil, Revitalizing Day Moisturizer, Replenishing Night Cream and Exfoliating Instant Facial. It does not include the cleanser or eye cream, so I've been using this set with my OSEA Ocean Cleanser (I posted about it a few weeks ago) and sans eye cream (these moisturizers and face oil seem to do a good job around my delicate eye area on their own).

After cleansing my face, I've been lightly applying this Enriching Face Oil, morning and night. I only need a small drop in the palm of my hand. I use my finger to lightly tap the oil in my hand and dab it evenly over my face. I tend to start with those dreaded "11" lines (yes, they show up from time to time, especially if I've spent too much time of Instagram; that's some food for thought) and under my eyes, as these areas crave it the most. It's light and absorbs quickly, but still gets the job done.

This is what Goop has to say about it: "This nourishing, potent miracle oil sinks instantly into skin and starts to work. Made with a pure blend of organic oils, it leaves skin remarkably supple, soft, and glowing. It turbo-charges any moisturizer, but also hydrates beautifully on its own. It can even be patted on over makeup for a mid-day pick-me-up. The Enriching Face Oil is formulated with USDA certified organic ingredients and contains approximately 99% total organic content."

In the morning, I've been following this face oil with the Revitalizing Day Moisturizer, which is surprisingly rich for a daytime product, although still more of a lotion than a cream in consistency. I only need about a pea-size or lima bean-size amount to cover my entire face and neck. I use it the same way I apply the face oil, first pumping a small amount into the palm of my hand and dabbing it onto my face with my finger, making sure to concentrate between my brows and under my eyes like an eye cream. Although rich, this lotion absorbs quite nicely and works well under makeup. The best part is how it makes my fine lines almost instantly disappear.

According to Goop, "The Revitalizing Day Moisturizer is a lightweight daily cream that reduces the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles, softens and nourishes skin, hydrates deeply, and targets dark spots for a brighter, more even skin tone. Infused with linseed extract, Vitamins C & E and powerful peptides, this moisturizer works throughout the day to firm and rejuvenate the skin. The Revitalizing Day Moisturizer is formulated with USDA certified organic ingredients and contains approximately 73% total organic content."

I have to agree with its claims, as it really seems to be working for me. My skin looks fresh and smooth with a healthy, youthful glow.

In the evening, I've been moisturizing with the Replenishing Night Cream, which really is a thick luxurious cream. A little goes a long way, so even after more than a couple weeks of use, my container of night cream barely looks touched (I took this photo before using it, but it doesn't appear much different now). Not to sound like a broken record, but I use the same application process. It is a bit heavy in comparison to the day cream, so make sure you don't make the mistake of using it in the morning (I did, and it was a little too moisturizing under my makeup). The ingredients in this cream are very concentrated; I can feel a slight tingle when I apply it to my skin. It plumps and firms my skin, making me look better in the morning than I did before bed. It's like a beauty miracle, in my opinion.

According to Goop, "The Replenishing Night Cream is a luxurious, highly active night cream that works to plump, brighten, and firm skin overnight. The nourishing formula visibly improves skin texture, reduces the appearance of wrinkles, and increases luminosity for a noticeable, healthy glow. Sandalwood nut oil helps to increase elasticity, while linseed extract and hyaluronic acid hydrate, lift and firm. The Replenishing Night Cream is formulated with USDA certified organic ingredients and contains approximately 79% total organic content."

The star of this kit is the Exfoliating Instant Facial. If you can only afford to buy one full-size product from this line, this face mask is the one to get. It's like a natural at-home peel. It literally reduces fine line and discoloration in an instant. You can actually feel and see it working (although it looks like the night cream in the container, you'll definitely know the difference once it's on your face).

Recently, I posted this pic of me using it on Instagram. To be honest, I put on way more than necessary, so you could see it on my face. I also left it on slightly longer than recommended to have time to take the photo (it only requires 2-3 minutes and a quick facial massage while you remove it). As a result, I resembled a lobster after washing it off and applying the facial oil and moisturizer. Fortunately, my skin calmed down and was left looking younger than ever. Each and every time I use it, my skin gets better (I've been masking a few times a week). It really helps to erase the years away.

The effects are similar to when I used Retin-A in my youth (I often wonder if that's why my skin has aged this well so far; now you know my deep dark secret). Not only does it make my skin appear more youthful, but it also improves my complexion when it comes to breakouts. Speaking of my complexion, similar to when I was a Retin-A user, I feel as though my skin has more pink in it and is more delicate. I'd recommend using sunscreen religiously with this product (then again, you probably should be anyway).

According to Goop, "The Exfoliating Instant Facial instantly brightens and softens skin to reveal a glowing, smoother-looking complexion. Natural alpha and beta hydroxy acids sweep away dead skin cells; plant-based cellulose beads exfoliate further while releasing soothing vitamin B5 -- leaving skin supple, soft, and utterly revitalized. The Exfoliating Instant Facial is formulated with USDA certified organic ingredients and contains approximately 86% total organic content."

No wonder this stuff reminds me of my days on Retin-A. Thank goodness, though, this Exfoliating Instant Facial is only rated a 3 on Skin Deep (the night cream is also a 3, and the rest of the line rates at just a 1; awesome!).

As a whole, I'm really enjoying this set. It's pricey, but you do get a lot of bang for your buck. This may be just a trial-size set; however, I can see it lasting at least a couple of months or more, if you apply it sparingly. I hope to try the cleanser and eye cream in the future (if Goop wants to send me any samples, I'm happy to review them). I'll keep you posted, if I do.

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* I received this Goop by Juice Beauty Discovery Set as a birthday present
from my hubby. All opinions are my own :)

* FYI, the background photos are from Gwyneth Paltrow's "It's All Good" cookbook.