Saturday, March 1, 2008

Breakfast for dinner

I just love breakfast for dinner. Who says pancakes, waffles and sausage can't be enjoyed anytime of the day? Obviously, it wasn't me, because that's exactly what I made for our Thursday Night Raw this week.

I served it all alongside a big bowl of fresh fruit and some sliced strawberries and bananas for topping the pancakes and waffles. I even made chocolate, blueberry and raspberry sauces, since I was running a little low on the grade B maple syrup (Matthew didn't seem to mind; I think he preferred the chocolate one over the traditional maple).

I wasn't quite sure which sauce to chose, so I opted to try them all. By the looks of my plate, I think I went a little overboard (but it still tasted great).

Matthew liked the pancakes, which he ate sans sauce. He followed them up with some waffles drizzled in chocolate and some fresh fruit. A little hesitant to try the sausage, he saved them until last.

He was surprised by the flavor, which was a bit stronger than he expected. It reminded him of a Slim Jim, so he quoted this wrestler.

He was never a fan of the processed sticks, but did admit that they tasted a lot like meat (scary).

Jacob, my pickiest eater, had no desire to try any of the mock meat or the waffles/pancakes. At least he sat down to eat with some cooked pancakes (I didn't photograph them; the ones in the pic are raw) and fruit, mostly apples and cantaloupe (his favorites).

In the end, I have to say it was another successful meal. Matthew put it on our list of menus we should do again, but most importantly, everyone ate dinner together at the table. Isn't that what really matters?


wyldegirl said...

when i was growing up, breakfast for dinner was my favourite!!!!

usually on snuggly sunday nights. . . pancakes and waffles and fresh fruit for us too!

your raw versions look crazy creative (we wouldn't expect anything else from you!!) and yummy. . . are they recipes you've posted before??

and yes, it IS the most important thing that you all were at the table together, sharing, smiling and being a family, no matter what was eaten, it's all about the LOVE.

xx (oh and it's snowing wildly again today, i thought of you and jacob this morning when it was covering my eyelashes)

shannonmarie said...

I haven't posted the recipes before, but I might have time to put them up tomorrow. Now, I have to get ready to go to the NaturalZing event later today. Enjoy the snow :-)

Charissa said...

Those look OH-MY-WORD incredible! YOU HAVE TO SHARE THE RECIPE! I love pancakes (like crazy!) and I'm just like you in the way that I just love breakfast meals for supper! ;0)

rawleen said...

You HAVE to share that recipe!!! I've been dreaming about pancakes lately. Hubby just made some real ones this morning for our daughters. I need a good raw version. I've tried Ani Phyos (they are good, but different), and another one with a Brazil nut base that you put in the dehydrator overnight. Those were good too but a little crunchy, maybe I dehydrated for too long.

Your photos are beautiful! I love the waffle idea! How did you do that?
You are one creative gal Shannon! I am so grateful to you for sharing your beautiful, imaginative, delicious looking creations! Thank you and have fun at the NaturalZing event! Can't wait to (hopefully) see some pics from that!!! I order from them all the time. Wish I lived closer.

RawBin said...

I love the look of the little waffles. It looked like a spread at one of those fancy breakfast buffets. The kind where you can only eat the fruit and can only ogle the other junk food. I can't wait to see the recipe posted for Slim-Raw-Jims on a future blog...

shannonmarie said...

Charissa, Rawleen and Rawbin, the recipes are posted.

Rawleen, I mentioned it in the pancake recipe, but I wanted to make sure you caught the warning about dehydrating them for too long. Otherwise, these could also turn out crunchy.

I really enjoyed the NaturalZing event and should be attending more of them in the future. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera this time, but I promise to have it the next time I go :-)