Friday, March 21, 2008

Taking a spring break

Well, yesterday was the first day of spring, but my son has been on spring break all week. So, if you didn't notice already, I decided to take it easy with him.

I've taken my own break from blogging (or at least backed off a bit) in order to spend more time with him while he is off from school. We slept in (on Tuesday and Thursday - the days I don't work), lounged around the house, went to the movies to see "Horton Hears a Who" (it's a really good movie, by the way; I laughed, I cried and I sang along with the REO Speedwagon song at the end - you can do that in a theater packed with little kids and their parents) and hung out with his cousins, aunt (my sister) and Nana (my mom).

Jacob usually takes the photo for Friday mornings, but since he is on vacation, we opted to post this pic of the Easter egg tree we made a couple weeks ago. My mom let him help with the ones in front of her house (she's done them every year for as far back as I can remember), so of course he wanted to have one at our house, too. He picked out the branches himself and careful placed all the eggs on them. Fortunately, they aren't the real ones; these won't break.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to tell you what I put in my Friday morning smoothie. I kept it simple with a ton of greens, some grape kombucha (my favorite flavor), coconut butter and bananas.


wyldegirl said...

what a spring-like sounding smoothie (maybe it's the grape kombucha which instantly makes me think of grape kool-aid, which i was lucky enough to never consume, except once at someone else's house!)

i think you still need a rawdorable shirt to rock around.

xx Jenny

rawleen said...

Love the egg tree! I'm going to do this with my toddler this weekend!!! :)
Happy Easter!

PS - i "second" the rawdorable shirt!!! I want to buy one!!!

Charissa said...

Ummmm, I want to try Grape Kombucha. Where's the best place to find it?

Charissa said...

Oh, and I 3rd the shirt! Now I want to do a "Raw Royalty", people would wonder what on earth that would mean! IT's awesome. Let's do it! :0)

shannonmarie said...

Jenny, grape kombucha is a little spring-like. It also reminds me of the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches I ate growing up.

Rawleen, have fun making your egg tree. It is a family tradition of ours.

Charissa, I buy it at Whole Foods, but I think someone who works there is a fan, too. The grape ones are always hidden in the back behind the other flavors.

I am still considering doing a shirt, but I'm not sure how I am going to approach it. Philip just started selling Loving Raw shirts. Maybe I'll set something up with the site he used.

I'd wear a Raw Royalty shirt :-)

Charissa said...

I'd wear a "Rawdorable" shirt! ;0)