Saturday, March 22, 2008

Something sweet for my sweets

Since my husband wasn't a fan of the corn dogs last week, I promised him something sweet for this week's Thursday Night Raw. Knowing that he has enjoyed both my raw brownies and the chocolate from our fondue night, I decided to combine the two with this spread of fruit, brownie bites, chocolate chip bar pieces and chocolate dipping sauce.

As I mentioned yesterday, I've been taking it easy this week, so I kept the food simple. I made a small batch of chocolate brownies with a chocolate vanilla swirl on top and a sprinkling of chopped walnuts. On the other side of the container I used to form the brownies, I also opted to make a batch of chocolate chip cookie bars with an agave sweetened almond butter topping and some cacao nibs.

These chilled in the refrigerator all day, while Jacob and I finished some errands and spent some time at my mom's house with my sister and her boys.

When we got home, dinner was nearly ready to go. I cut the brownies and bars into small chunks, sliced up some fruit I had picked up at the grocery store that day and mixed up a quick chocolate dipping sauce.

Matthew enjoyed all the chocolate, while Jacob was psyched to have cantaloupe at dinner (he picked it out himself), I was also proud of him for trying pineapple for the first time (he selected the pineapple, too).

Yes, you read that right; Jacob, who has photographed the uncut fruit for this site, has never actually tasted pineapple until now. I offered it to him on many occasions, but this is the first time he took a bite. Good job, little man.


Charissa said...

I love it! Simple, but elegant...

It's neat...over these last months or weeks, I can see that your family is loving raw more and more, and getting used to it. Go Shannonmarie!

Runnergirl said...

How did you make the chocolate chips?

wyldegirl said...

how yummy and chocolatey! and the chocolate fondue is completely indecipherable from the traditional one. . . very cool for those you would introduce into raw. . . and i agree wtih charissa, it's really great to see the subtle changes in your "sweets' foray into raw!"

xx Jenny

RawBin said...

I served your million dollar brownies to some friends tonight. They oohed and aahhed. They raved. They asked me to ask you to do a recipe/questions and answers, potluck/talk.
Think we could get Chef Bliss down South?

shannonmarie said...

Simple, but elegant. I like how you summed it up, Charissa.

Holly, I didn't actually make chocolate chips; I just used raw cacao nibs. But, you could easily make them by piping little drops of your favorite chocolate recipe onto parchment and freezing or refrigerating them to set.

Jenny, the chocolate fondue always seems to get them to the table. Don't be surprised if you so it here a lot.

Rawbin, I'll check with Jeff about that.