Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Waste not, want not

I was taught all my life not to waste things, especially food. Thanks to my mom, I was always a member of the clean plate club, and I learned to like leftovers.

They are even better when you find inventive ways to re-serve them. In this case, I just tossed all that was left of our pizza night into a bowl with some sprouted rice to create a pizza rice bowl (I know; not so creative. But, I was busy this weekend and needed something in a hurry).

However, I did have some time to make a more presentable meal out of the leftovers prior to the rice bowl. If you want to see what I made (and how I set up my old-school dehydrator to make it), check out my We Like It Raw post for this week. It should be on there later today or tomorrow (more likely tomorrow).

And, while you're there, you can read about Dhru's "Day in the Life" article, featured in this issue of "Get Fresh" (which is now available at Whole Foods). The rest of the WLIR squad, including yours truly, will be posting what we do on an average day throughout the week. I'm scheduled for tomorrow, so you might have to wait until next week to see my magical leftover makeover post (I didn't think about that; I guess we'll just have to wait and see).

By the way, remember how I talked about wanting to see "Mystic Pizza" again? Well, it was OnDemand last night, so I watched it. Obviously, I was out of pizza, as well as the toppings, but I still enjoyed every minute of it :-)


Linda Salas said...

Your blog is one of the trials of my juicefeasting path... but I can´t stop watching it´s sooo good... and I´ll be making lot´s of your stuff come june!!


mandy said...

i heart reinvented leftovers! i also heart shannonmarie's beautiful photos!

Carmen said...

I love, love your blog and I hope you don't mind me asking for your advice. How do you manage to be 100% raw when you have to cook for your family? I stay home with my kids and fortunately my husband is very supportive but it's very hard for me to stay raw while I have to cook and taste the food I make for my family. I can be high raw with no problem but I can easily go back to more cooked foods.
Anyway, Thank you for your wonderful blog, it is really inspiring.

Raw Goddess said...

yay for leftovers! love em too.
Nevermind my last comment about the tag game - got mine done im off!

rawleen said...

What recipe did you use for the "cheese"? I looked but I didn't see it. Maybe I overlooked it?
Can't wait to make some pizza!

shannonmarie said...

Sorry Linda. June will be here before you know it. Thanks for the award.

Thanks Mandy. I just learned to use my camera in November when I started this blog.

Carmen, I don't mind you asking. I hear that question all the time.

I'm lucky that my hubby will sometimes take care of his own meals, while my son is the typical 5-year-old, who eats the same things on a regular basis. When I cook for them, I don't taste any of it. They'll let me know if they don't like it.

I've always loved raw foods, so doing this just comes naturally for me. The longer you go raw, the easier it is to stick with it.

Heathy, so you did get a chance to do your tag post. I need to get over to your blog and check it out. Have fun on your trip.

Rawleen, I used a combo of soaked mac nuts and cashews in the "cheese" with some water, lemon juice, sea salt, garlic, basil and oregano. I think I posted the measurements in my "Presto Chango" post on We Like It Raw this week. Oh yeah, I think I also added some probiotic powder.

rawleen said...

I made these tonight for my family and everyone loved them. My hubby even said they were "pretty good" which for him means "I really like these and I'd eat them again." I could really tell he liked them because he went for seconds! I'll have to post pics on my blog. Pizza didn't turn out as pretty as yours (I was in a hurry when I made it) but it sure was delicious! Thanks!

Isle Dance said...

Oh yum. Thanks so much for all that you share here. :o)

shannonmarie said...

Rawleen, I'm so happy to hear everything went well. It sounds like your husband's food comments are usually a lot like my hubby's. Can't wait to see the pizza pics. I'm sure they look great.

You're welcome, Isle Dance. I checked out your blog. I really like your set up. I see that you like the Take Home Chef, too.