Friday, March 7, 2008

Monkey see, monkey do

Jacob eats bananas; how about you?

My son has had quite an exciting week. Since the weather was nice, we took our photo shoot down to the beach, where he set up this George talking on his banana phone pic.

I posed for one with him, too, but opted to keep that one for myself.

Also, this week, Jacob and I went on a field trip with his preschool to look for signs of spring. Ranger Jackie took us on a tour of a local park, where we road on a hayride, looked for bird nests, noted the new buds on the trees and even saw a groundhog in his burrow.

But the most exciting part for him was being able to ride on the school bus with his friends. I guess he's ready for kindergarten after all. He's growing up so fast.

Unfortunately, the kids in his preschool will be divided up next year, since they are in different school districts. The other moms and I are trying to give them more time to hang out before that happens, like last week, when we had our first official group play date.

We had our second one yesterday at the park. The kids had a great time playing on the playground together. Hopefully, we can do this more often.

As for my smoothie this morning, I found myself craving more pie, so I added macadamia nuts, coconut flakes, pineapple and cacao nibs to my basic banilla green smoothie. Oh yeah, and since I'm on a roll with it, I put in a little Java Teeccino, too :-)


Alissa said...


this is my nephew, jacob...

rawleen said...

You both have such beautiful blue eyes! Everyone needs a beach day once in awhile!!!

wyldegirl said...

i've been making my green smoothies into almost pie-like meals too!!
i throw in irish moss (to thicken) and along with the chard and spinach, i put bananas (i'm with jacob on his love of bananas!!) and maca/mesquite/lucuma/cacao, vanilla, coconut oil. . . it's like a gigantic green pie in a glass!!

the photos of the two of you are so sweet. . . and you simply glow!!
happy saturday xx jenny

shannonmarie said...

Alissa, he's so cute. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks, Rawleen. In the summer, we hang out on the beach/boardwalk by my house almost every weekend.

Jenny, there you go thinking like me again. I was considering making what I call a "green smoothie pie" (I use Irish moss in mine, too) for my WLIR post this week to make up for the heavy pie last time. But, don't worry; I think I have another plan.

mandy said...

i can't believe how amazing your eyes look... have you been eating more greens lately? beautiful, both of you.

shannonmarie said...

I have had a lot of greens lately, but my eyes have always been this blue. I think they are my best feature. Thanks :-)